Wrapping up 2012


This year has passed by tremendously quick, a common phrase to hear, but literally, it has gone by so fast, especially if you are in this industry. A year in the tech industry is something like 10 years in other industries some say. Very true, things change and alter by the minute. For us at e-Sentral, there was not a day that have gone pass without an event, drama, or discoveries. Still far from where we want to be, but most importantly, we enjoy every minute of the journey.

In 2012, there was no shortage of industry news, although the sales of ebooks in the West have some what hit an interim saturation point, new technologies and methods for digital publication were revealed by the day. In the gadget front, Malaysia was introduced to multiple device equipped for mobile reading, including Samsung’s range of Galaxy S’s and Notes, Microsoft Surface with the come back of Windows in version 8, and not to forget, Apple’s iPhone 5, iPad IV and Mini. If there were an award for best gadget of the year by e-Sentral, it would have to go to…iPad II. Anti climax you may say, but this robust device introduced in 2011 is still solid and up-to-date with proven user experience, what more for 2012, the best part is its price, only RM1,200. A whole lot of device for this price tag.

As for the book industry, the revelation of “50 Shades of Grey” as an ebook success story could not have came in a better time with glimpse of hope to publishers during these difficult times. Ebook stores globally have been stretching their muscles with acquisition par example Kobo’s absorption of software tool company Aquafadas, whilst publishers have merged to retain strength and share resource – the more known merger to be of the Random-Penguin marriage.

Ebook standards have also hit another level of maturity in 2012. It was the year that developers walked away from app base solutions and embraced EPUB 3.0, the new standard for interactive ebook. Suddenly, the language of digital publishing becomes a step more exciting.

As for Malaysia, in 2011 digital publishing was “a good idea”, but 2012 witness digital publishing being taken to the table. The govt, publishers, and libraries are more open to the idea of digital contents. It was not just something cool to say, but becoming something to do. Kuala Lumpur also made history this month in 2012 when it became the host for the first ASEAN eBook Conference, organised by Malaysian National Book Council.

e-Sentral as an ebook portal have worked hard through out 2012, and there were pipeline projects that we did not manage to launch this year, but surely in the turn of 2013. e-Sentral also turned one on October the 8th 2012. As for the market, Malaysians should be more comfortable with the idea of ebook in 2013. With predicted recession around the corner, buying ebooks should make more economic sense for consumers. e-Sentral will continue to strive in providing the very best for book lovers, publishers and authors through out 2013. Thank you for all of your support, we cherish them indiscriminately. Happy New Year.