Common English Mistakes is an ideal book for both students and the public at large to improve their grasp of the English language by avoiding the usual mistakes specified in this book. Each section is clearly explained in simple language with sufficient examples to help students improve their mastery of the English language. Moreover, the chapter on pronunciation will help learners to pronounce complicated words properly, as well as learn the differences in pronunciation between British and American English. This book has been formulated in such a way that it will aid its readers in polishing up their written as well as spoken English and enhance their confidence in day-to-day interactions, presentations and communication as a whole.

As for today, we are going to learn a simple English. It is about Adjectives. So what are we waiting for? Let’s learn!

I met a Chinese old man. ✘
I met an old Chinese man. ✔

They saw a Malay, teenage, petite, beautiful girl ✘
They saw a beautiful, petite, teenage, Malay girl. ✔

To avoid making mistakes in positioning adjectives when one is using several of them to describe a noun, there are certain guidelines one can follow. These guidelines tell us which types of adjectives should come first, second, third, etc. Roughly, the order is:

1st Opinion adjectives (beautiful, wonderful, clever, comfortable)
2nd Shape adjectives – 1 size (big, small)
2nd Shape adjectives 2 length (long, tall, short)
  3 shape (round, square, fat, thin)
  4 width (wide, narrow)
3rd Age adjectives (young, new, old)
4th Colour adjectives (red, green, yellow, black)
5th Origin (or Race)adjectives (Malay, Chinese, Indian, American, British)
Last Material (or Type)adjectives (leather, silk, gold, industrial, agricultural, commercial).

The easiest way to remember the order of the adjectives one uses is to fall back on the mnemonic device OSACOM. The letter stands for Opinion, S for Shape, A for Age, C for Colour, O forOrigin and M for Material.

I hope this sharing will come in handy for all  🙂

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