INDUSTRY ANNOUNCEMENT: Xentral Methods teams up with DJI for education line drones and robots

Xentral Methods teams up with DJI for education line drones and robots


October 2020, Cyberjaya – Xentral Methods, better known for its e-Sentral ebookstore, is now teaming up with China’s Dà-Jiāng Innovations, 大疆创新, or better known as DJI, to tackle STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Mathematics) segment of Malaysian education.

DJI, who is world renown in drone making, has now entered the education industry with their answer to robotics and drones for programming.

The integration of DJI’s hardware and software has produced a STEAM product that is above the league of the others contemporarily.

Looking at this opportunity, Xentral Methods Sdn Bhd, who staple business is digital content and cryptographic encryption system, positions itself as distributor for DJI education line in Malaysian market.

The two companies signed up an agreement after months of discussions, making Xentral Methods the new family member in DJI’s fast growing education segment.

“We as a company highly value invention and innovation, and Chinese products although are not well known for its innovations, DJI however, is exceptional. DJI products and working culture have been spectacular from day one. They have taken the drone industry by storm and is spearheading the global direction for consumer drones, something that you do not see in other companies of China”, stated Faiz Al-Shahab, 40, Managing Director of Xentral Methods Sdn Bhd.

According to Al-Shahab, the genes of his company has always been to invent and build products, and was never to resell products of other entities. But when the opportunity with DJI arise, it was too irresistible for them to ignore.

Xentral Methods will be carrying two educational products suitable for programming courses in Malaysian higher learning institutes as well as public and private schools.

The first product, being Tello Edu, is a miniature size indoor drone easily computable using different software and is safe and friendly for education purpose.

The second product is Robomaster EP, a high-performance mechanome wheel robot with arm function and is programmable using Scratch codes for schools, and Python codes for higher learning.

Both of the education products will make even adult men drool over the potential fun and excitement these mechanical machines bring.

Xentral Methods will be organizing the annual Malaysian competition in education segment for land and air category, for both of the DJI products mentioned for the year 2021.



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