eBook Lending Soars in Airport

KLIA and klia2 eBook via bluetooth beacon disburse more than 40 thousand borrowings

IMG_3322 (1)Cyberjaya, 3rd February 2017 – KLIA and klia2 launched a free service allowing passengers to download eBooks and bring with them on flights in the month of May last year.

Ever since launched, until end of 2016, the service have distributed more than 40 thousand eBooks to passengers from all corners of the world, and still continuing to grow.

This is an astonishing achievement and a proof that Internet of Things actually benefits our lifestyle. Imagine doing this with printed books? The cost, the mess, the logistics, it will be impossible. With the infrastructure in place at KLIA and klia2, thousands of ebooks have been distributed without making a sound or fuss”, says Faiz Al-Shahab from e-Sentral, the company behind the facility at KLIA and klia2.

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From data shared, passengers of all sorts of nationalities have been using the eBook borrowing system, with obviously Malaysians being the majority users. Novels, travel and political ebooks are also the revealed as the most popular genre picked by passengers.

We also have equally same amount of ebook lend outs between KLIA and klia2, although klia2 have a higher traffic for passengers. This is probably because klia2 caters more quick stop and short trip passengers who have lesser time before and after flights, if compared to KLIA passengers”, explains Faiz.

This facility which consists of 80 eBook beacons with 50meters radius fencing strategically placed at locations of the airports marked with flags and instructions, is considered the first Internet of Things infrastructure of its kind in the world. Currently, travelers in KLIA have a choice of more than 400 ebook titles ranging from all sorts of categories. Once the ebooks are downloaded, the passenger can use the ebooks for their waiting time and air travel. Each passengers are entitled to borrow up to two titles for a duration of two days.

This ebook rental via Bluetooth beacon facility is a partnership effort between e-Sentral.com (Xentral Methods Sdn Bhd), Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB), and Perbadanan Kota Buku.

More info : www.e-sentral.com/fez

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