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The author at a signing session

As for today readers, we will have a close-up on one of our self publisher.  Who is that author? Keep scrolling!

Recently joining our portal as self-publisher, Nurnazida Nazri has been teaching law at university for more than 10 years. As a lecturer, she cares a lot about her students’ well-beings and is very close to them. She believes that students are teaching and guiding her about life, which is more valuable than lessons she has taught in class.

Her first book, Submitting to Allah and Berserah Kepada Allah (Malay edition) were inspired from her childhood memories of her grandmother. It inculcate readers to never give up and leave everything to Allah for whatever problem that you encounter in life.

Here are the questions that we asked her…. Check it out readers!

  1. Who inspire you the most to write?

My students and the surroundings. I am a lecturer and I deal with students everyday. Without them knowing, I observe each and everyone of them. They come with different background and stories and that inspired me to write.

  1. What is your favorite food?

Assam laksa! With extra prawn paste

  1. Who is your favorite author?

I do not have specific author in mind because I read books based on the titles and their stories, but for chick lit genre, my favourite author is Sophie Kinsella.

  1. What is your favorite novel?

Autobiography novels. I do read this kind of novels a lot.

  1. Do you have a pet?

No, I can’t even be near cats! Terrified of them, hehe.

  1. If you are given a chance to travel for free, where would it be? Why?

If it is free, definitely Europe. I heard amazing stories about Europe. Oh can we go to Egypt too?

  1. Do you have any plan on your upcoming books? Briefly tell your readers on what will it be about?

At the moment, I write motivational books and also legal series. I love writing books on these genre and I think will continue to increase the number of books written under these two genre. I receive good feedback from the customers for my motivational books that motivates me to write more.

  1. Do you have any message for your readers?

Please support my books and I would love to hear comments from all the readers. You can see the message embedded in each books – DO NOT GIVE UP!

  1. Lastly, what do think of the Malayasian law?

I personally think that a large number of Malaysian law are already comprehensive. The law was drafted with careful considerations and wisdom. However, the dilemma starts at the moment of enforcing them. Since we have different bodies that passed the law and different bodies interpreting it, this is where the legal flux starts.

Now, we hope that you know her better and we hope she will continue inspire other with her stories! Good luck to Nurnazida!

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Good luck to Nurnazida for your upcoming book!

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