Book Review: Blind Muthu

This story is about Muthu, a retiree who was estranged from his son after a quarrel with his daughter-in -law. He works at the National Archive. His once perfect vision had begun to blur with age and constant strain from work. One day, he turned blind. Since he no longer was able to take care of himself, his son took care for him. Muthu felt lost outside of his house and he become very dependent on his son. His son Samy, will visit his father every Saturday morning and will stay there for half an hour. Samy will buy all the groceries for his father and bring cooked food too. All the expenses that had been used came from his father’s provident funds’s interest. Muthu was grateful to have a son to take care of him.

One month before Muthu’s 67th birthday, his son told him that he has received a letter from the National Archieves Department asking him whether he wanted to leave the money for the fund for another year. Samy asked his father to sign the document but his father has already had his own plans. He did not want to tell his son of his intentions to suprise him. He had made a decision to withraw half of the money as a present for his son. He also wants to apologise to Anita, his daughter-in- and also wanted to invite them back into the house and stay with him.

One day, a miracle happened to Muthu and he gained his eyesight. He wanted to share the happiness with Muthu but soon realized his son’s bad intention. He was too dispointed and has decided to make a will to donate all his retiremement money and his house to the charity. At night before he sleeps, he wished that he had never regained his eyesight. His life was so blissful when he was blind. The next morning, his wished had come true. He could not see again and did not wake up from his sleep.

Category: Children

Publisher: Pelangi ePublishing Sdn Bhd

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