Book review: A New Day Dawning: My Hong Kong…

9789674313739-medium (1)Title: A New Day Dawning: My Hong Kong…
Author: Bob George
Publisher: Pelangi

This is a story of Bob George’s journey throughout his 36 years in Hong Kong. He was an enthusiast in geography since his childhood thus making him very excited to travel around the world. Being a little confused when he first arrived there, slowly he settled to his new unfamiliar surroundings as he explored the lifestyle and culture of the locals. During his stay, he watched Hong Kong grows into a developed and sophisticated Asian and world city.

Working with Jardine Matheson, the largest trading company operating in Hong Kong and also one of the biggest in all Southeast Asia, he makes a great opportunity to meet various kind of acquaintances and made friends with them. He also has a keen interest in music especially musical and classical which led him to meet lots of rising stars. He met Elvira Chu, a local rising star who performed with great tenderness and full of emotions on stage.

From his experiences, we know that he really enjoyed his time in Hong Kong. Being far from what he called home, Hong Kong has long been his home in his heart. Read A New Day Dawning to get what it feels like living in Hong Kong through the eyes of a British origin named Bob George.