Apple exec John Couch meets with Turkish president over possible $4.5B iPad buy

Apple’s Vice President of Education John Couch on Friday sat down with Turkish President Abdullah Gül in a meeting covering a possible education initiative worth $4.5 billion, as well as the incorrect layout of the Turkish “F-keyboard.”

According to Turkish blog Ima Dergisi, Couch was joined by other Apple executives in his meeting with President Gül, which reportedly focused on an educational initiative to put up to 15 million iPads in the hands of Turkey’s young students.

Worth some $4.5 billion, the tablet program has Apple pushing for a contract, but a deal has yet to be reached as the parties negotiate further. While not the main topic of discussion, the layout of the Turkish “F-keyboard,” which has a number of keys set in the wrong position, was also mentioned.

Most recently, Turkey was introduced to the iPhone 5 on Dec. 14, less than two weeks after Apple launched the iTunes Music Store in the region as part of a 56-country rollout.



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