eSentral Facebook Photo Contest – today only

We feel that we need to get to know our users and our readers. So we came up with this idea, but we need your help.

I want you to upload your photo to your Facebook timeline, and then tag eSentral so that my team and I can see it.

And one lucky person is going to walk away with RM50 cash.

Here’s What You Need To Do

  1. Take a photo of yourself and upload it to your Facebook timelineMake sure that you pose with a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android) displaying a cover of anEnglish-title e-book from
  2. Tag the photo to eSentralFor us to know that you uploaded a photo, you need to tag us on Facebook. You can type “esentral” when searching for our Facebook page ( to tag the photo. Oh, you may need to Like us first before you can tag (not really sure about how Facebook works)

When you have done that, just watch our Facebook page for the announcement tomorrow. One lucky winner will be receiving RM50 in cash.

Some (cheap) eBook Suggestions…

If you don’t know this, Bookbaby is one the biggest ebook distributors from USA, a sister company of CDBaby. And now we carry their ebooks. They are thousands of titles from Bookbaby and prices start at RM3.99 (can you believe that?)

So here are some suggestions to get you started…

  1. Untold Titanic: The True Story Of Life, Death, And Justice
  2. How To Get Rich – Not Quick: The Minute Or So A Month Personal Budget And Savings Plan
  3. Mud Creek (novel)
  4. The Best International Flavors You’re Not Grilling With! 30 Recipes For Rubs, Marinades & Sauces With Global Appeal
  5. The 50 Funniest Siri Answers: An Awesome Guide To Fun And Laughs With Siri
  6. Flying Through Music
  7. John Lennon’s Tooth: How I Met The Beatles, Thanks To Dorothy
  8. The Really Real Mother Goose
  9. Fun Games To Play At Boring Meetings… (without Your Boss Knowing)
  10. The Wrath Of Zar Dragon Fire Edition

You don’t have to get any of these title — just any Englist-title from