Missing? Nope, we are in BAHTERA & BFM.

If you realised, we are sort of going missing this week. So where were we?

eSentral was in BAHTERA, which was held from 19th-20th August in KL Convention Center. It was a gathering event for all Bumiputera entrepreneurs to share their ideas and success stories. It was a great event with as much as 4,000 visitors. We had a lot of fun talking with people who are interested in digital books and digital publishing software, eStudio.

Then, our co-founder and managing director, Faiz al-Shahab was on air this morning at BFM 89.9

Credit to BFM for the picture of our CEO 😀

You can still catch up with interview of our CEO, Faiz al-Shahab on the Breakfast Grill on BFM 89.9 this morning by clicking here .




e-Sentral would like to take the opportunity to wish all Muslims Eid Mubarak, and pleasant festive season.

For those avid readers, we have plenty of promotions prepared for you upon returning from your holidays.

Eid Mubarak!

e-Sentral Team


Screenshot (5)

Portal e-buku e-Sentral, perintis platform e-buku di Malaysia telah
melancarkan aplikasi E-Reader e-buku bagi sistem operasi Microsoft

Perkenalan aplikasi e-buku ini telah berlangsung di Universiti
Multimedia di Cyberjaya dan dilancarkan oleh Encik Toh Swee Hoe, Ketua
Pegawai Peraturan Industri dan Pengawasan Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan
Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM), mewakili Ybhg Dato’ Sri Dr Halim Shafie,
Pengerusi SKMM, yang telah dihadiri oleh 120 orang termasuklah golongan
VIP, syarikat-syarikat telekomunikasi dan golongan penerbit seluruh

Portal e-buku e-Sentral yang berasaskan server awan sudah pun disediakan
dalam sistem operasi (OS) bagi pengguna-pengguna Android, iOS, dan
Chrome sebelum ini. Kini dengan pengenalan Aplikasi e-Reader Microsoft
Windows 8.1, e-Sentral dapat memenuhi pasaran pengguna desktop dan
telefon pintar Windows 8.1 dengan memberikan keselesaan bagi pengguna
membaca e-buku yang mempunyai bahan interaktif dalam Windows 8.1.

Dengan pengenalan ini, ekosistem e-buku telah pun lengkap, merangkumi
kesemua sistem operasi (OS) yang diguna pakai oleh pengguna awam
Malaysia. E-Sentral adalah satu-satunya platform e- buku di Asia
Tenggara yang berfungsi untuk semua sistem operasi dan skrin peranti.



Muat turun aplikasinya di:
Desktop/Laptop/Surface: http://bit.ly/1F4ou0Z
Mobile: Coming soon !
*Hanya untuk Windows 8.1 dan selebihnya.


eSentral’s Flood Drive Donation

Recently Malaysia have been hit by the worst flood for the past 40 years. It has affected many people all over the country. We at eSentral along side MCMC made a simple Flood Drive Donation rally at Shaftsbury Sq at Cyberjaya to help out with the devastating condition at the flood affected zones. The donation that we help to pack has been overwhelming, from business partners, publishers, readers, members of staff, and many more. Thank you everyone. This has been a show of strong solidarity and camaraderie! The donation will be shipped out by military helicopter tonight at 10PM.

Many thanks once again,

eSentral Team

IMG_20141231_145443 IMG_20141231_145456 IMG_20141231_145501 IMG_20141231_145815 IMG_20141231_145819 IMG_20141231_145919





Salam sejahtera warga eSentral,

Tahun 2014 merupakan tahun yang mencabar untuk daerah ini disebabkan oleh pelbagai bencana dan juga perihal ekonomi. Kami di eSentral ingin mengucapkan kepada semua Selamat Tahun Baru dan semoga tahun 2015 akan membawa lebih maanfaat. Kita boleh memulakan tahun baru dengan azam untuk menambah pengetahuan dan pandangan melalui membaca. Membaca boleh membina minda yang lebih aktif dan boleh membawa kita ke arah yang lebih baik. Kini, terdapat lebih daripada 50,000 judul eBuku di eSentral, dan dengan lebih banyak lagi judul akan datang, kami yakin terdapat judul yang bersesuaian untuk semua. eSentral menyediakan kita dengan kemudahan zaman moden yang membenarkan kita mendapatkan buku dan bahan bacaan dengan lebih murah, pantas, dan praktikal, justeru kita harus memeluk peluang ini.

Selamat Tahun Baru.

eSentral Team


Dear friends of eSentral,

It has been a tough 2014 for this region, with multiple disasters and worsening economy. We at eSentral would like to wish everyone a better and more prosperous 2015. We can begin a better 2015 by acquiring more knowledge via reading. Reading will trigger our mind to be more active and lead to better things. eSentral today prepares more than 50,000 eBook titles, and with much more titles to come on board, we are sure everyone can find something that suits our reading appetite. Via eSentral, we now live in an era that allows you to acquire books in such a cheap, fast, and practical manner, so lets use this opportunity.

Happy New Year.

eSentral Team



See E-Sentral.com at Frankfurt Book Fair 2014


It’s that time of the year again. E-Sentral team will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair to exhibit our latest products in the world’s stage of electronic publishing. We will be located at Hall 8.0, L155, Digital Hotspot. We will also be taking the stage and showcasing our E-Studio Authouring Tool for the first time in the international crowd.

Stay tuned for our updates on the event next week.

e-Studio launched at KL Converge! 2014

On the first day of the inaugural KL Converge held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, we have proudly launched our interactive cloud based authoring tool called e-Studio. The authoring tool is able to make interactive, cross-platform, small in file size, and liquid; able to adapt to different screen sizes contents. During the launch, our Managing Director, Mr Faiz Al-Shahab demonstrated to the guests, the capability of e-Studio, showing them how easy it is to embed videos and animations into the authoring tool. Also present at the event was Tuan Azman Hood, Senior Investment Manager of Cradle Fund who expressed that they are in full support of local companies that bridge the local industry into digital and that they hope there will be more companies that will do the same.

e-Studio Cloud Authoring Tool for making interactive ebooks is now available starting from RM99 per year from www.e-stud.io. Here’s some of the photos during the launch.