Missing? Nope, we are in BAHTERA & BFM.

If you realised, we are sort of going missing this week. So where were we?

eSentral was in BAHTERA, which was held from 19th-20th August in KL Convention Center. It was a gathering event for all Bumiputera entrepreneurs to share their ideas and success stories. It was a great event with as much as 4,000 visitors. We had a lot of fun talking with people who are interested in digital books and digital publishing software, eStudio.

Then, our co-founder and managing director, Faiz al-Shahab was on air this morning at BFM 89.9

Credit to BFM for the picture of our CEO 😀

You can still catch up with interview of our CEO, Faiz al-Shahab on the Breakfast Grill on BFM 89.9 this morning by clicking here .