We are BACK !

Hello all,

Long time no see. We are back in blogging activities from now on!

First things first, we would like to update everyone on improvements which are ongoing in eSentral:

– For those who doesn’t have Android or iOS smartphones or tablet, we are launching Windows application soon! Then you can download the books to your PC/Laptop and read offline, provided you have Windows 8.1. and above.

– As some of you probably have noticed, we have shortened your payment system so now you are referred straight to the bank of your choice. You will also be notified for unsuccessful payment.

– There is some change in our look. See the new bar below? Notice something missing from the right side of the screen?


We have also put our FAQ back. Those who have problem in downloading books may rejoice, as we have put Deactivation steps inside the section. You can also directly access our Customer Support portal to channel your queries from Supports section. This will help us to record everything and direct your complaints to the correct department.



To make it easy for our readers to find anything and everything, we have made all your guides (to register, browse through, buy, read) and readers into one section under Reader Apps.

Cloud Reader


And that’s it for now! Please look forward to our next updates!


Happy weekend everyone!