Update Terbaru eSentral

To those who are asking why you cannot read anymore from our library, we hear you!

Instruction (Read Online update)
Our ‘Read Online’ has now being moved to the upper row section. This is the section that we dedicated to consolidate all our Reading applications on various platforms. Feel free to click on the ‘eSentral Cloudreader’ to resume your online reading through browser.

There’s also other Reading Apps available on iOS, Android and our latest additions, Windows! All the banners beside ‘eSentral Cloud Reader’ will direct you to download the application to your mobile devices and your laptop. Once you downloaded the books to your application, you can read them offline

Email us at info@e-sentral.com if you have any inquiries or click here to drop a message at our Facebook page.

*Only works for Windows 8.1 on laptop, Microsoft Surface & PC