Successful Tips for Self-Publishing


We at e-Sentral always welcome the new indie authors. Being an indie author and becoming a self-publisher could be really hard if you do not really know what you are getting yourself into. Here are some useful tips for self-publishing:

  • Be everywhere – Be at as many places as possible, be it offline and especially online. Readers are more likely to stumble upon you when you are everywhere. Write a Blog, have a Facebook fan page, get a Twitter account, join reader communities and discussion boards, or any other thing that you can think of. Do not limit this to just the online. It would not hurt to join events in the real world as well like taking up a booth at a bookfair, workout a joint promotion with book stores and other ideas.
  • Freebies – Who doesn’t love free stuff? It could be a short story, excerpt from the whole book, behind the scene information, more detailed character information, spin-off of the original or anything else that you can think of. Give a little something away so that readers can get a little insight of the story. New authors should embraced this idea as a way to gain a share in the reading market.
  • Think big – You need to think bigger than just about writing your book and getting it out there. Brainstorm about cover designs, the title for the book, packaging, presentation and marketing strategies, just like the publishers would do. Even little things like the right or wrong title could make or break you. Here are some common mistakes that authors make when they go out on their own with self-publishing:
  • Think long term – Don’t get discouraged if things doesn’t go like the way you expect. Realize that success will not come in a day but it’s something that will develop over years.
  • Pricing strategy – Ebook price is relatively 50-60% lower than paperback or traditional book. Setting the right price can be crucial. Check out here for more tips about pricing strategy.
  • Consider breaking the book into several parts – Writing a book series can help. Invest in your characters so you can develop new story, plot or adventures. Think positive that some will enjoy something enough to go on and read the books in your series.
  • Start a newsletter – Get you fans to subscribe to your periodic email messages. It is a way to let your core fans know when you have a new book out and a way to keep your name in their minds.
  • Write well – You have to put out a good product to your readers because the more you please the readers, the better you’re going to do in the business.

Well, we hope you will find this tips encouraging. So start publishing your book at e-Sentral by registering HERE.

Happy writing and have a good day!