Soulcatcher by William Skelton

“Listen, Laura. Look at me.” He lowered his voice and bent down with his hands flat on the table, as if he was bargaining with a child. “Remember the last time, last term? That time was the last time they’d be offering you rehab. Do you remember? The last time. They made it real clear—the school board was done with you, and the union wouldn’t help you anymore either. You’ve run out of options.”

“I’m an excellent teacher—they know that. And I contribute tons of extracurricular activities. They can’t just replace me just like that.”

“They can, and they will. They probably already have.” Ryan turned away from his wife and went up the stairs to the small bathroom. After a few minutes he returned to the kitchen.

He started back up. “What you do to yourself is no longer my concern. I’m moving on. I’ve made up my mind. I told you myself, along with everybody else, that the last time would be the last time. This is it—I’m gone.” Ryan was firm.”

“I have a disease! I’m going to relapse from time to time,” Laura said, trying to justify her behaviour.

“I don’t buy that disease bullshit! A person who has cancer or diabetes can’t wake up tomorrow and decide not to have cancer or diabetes affect their lives. But you can wake up tomorrow and say you won’t let this affect your life anymore. Disease, my ass.”

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