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Antara karya Hlovate, Ked’s Story

Hai readers semua! Seperti kebiasaanya, admin akan kongsikan kepada anda hasil temu bual kami bersama penulis buku. Pada bulan ini kami berjaya menemu bual seorang penulis buku yang terkenal, Hlovate.

Kalau readers nak tahu serba sedikit tentang Hlovate, readers boleh ikuti perbualan kami di bawah:

Siapa yang memberi inspirasi untuk Hlovate menulis dan Dari mana Hlovate dapatkan ilham untuk menulis? Ada yang dari pengalaman sendiri ke?

To be honest I have no straight answer for that. And I am pretty sure that others who write would have different answers on the how and why,and the likes.

As for me, different hikayat got different cerita behind it. Some started with the most random and bizarre trigger ever. Take Garpu & Camca for example. The stones to the foundation were laid because of a bowl of tempura udon. Serius. And that tempura udon memang sangat out-of-this-world sedap that it inspired lyrical wax and sonnets. That got me scrambling to find the laptop once I got home, jotted down the date, and writing the first line. The working title was actually Rune’s Regatta, and it changed as the story evolved (ye…took me 8 years to finish that, I know). It changed due to an incident during one of the BTNs that I have to attend, that brought light to the title of Garpu & Camca (that had nothing to do with the storyline whatsoever though). There is also one of the hikayat that was inspired while I was filling-up a form. Or there was one that actually started as a tribute and a homage to a (jamming) studio. And there was one that was written because of a girl with a funky intriguing moniker.

However, it is safe to say that my writing process is heavily influenced by my playlist(s). My playlist(s) is very much a Russian Roulette. An example of one on shuffle might look like this. Avenged Sevenfold’s Hail to The King, to  Gigi’s Sahabat to 2Cellos ft. Steve Vai’s Highway to Tabuh Teri on serunai. Then to Muse’s Resistance to Nice Stupid Playground’s What If It Rains to Sam Dave’s Soul Man to Search’s Pawana to Stevie Wonder’s Superstition to The Black Angel’s Empire to A. Romzi & The Hooks pulling Zunika to Sinatra’s Autumn Leaves to Who Cares doing Out of My Mind to Tashkent Orchestra;s rendition of P.Ramlee’s Bunga Melur to Audiomachine’s Legions of Doom to Aishah’s Tari Tualang Tiga to Two Steps From Hell’s Magika. That’d be the examples of the soundtracks that directed me to parts and chapters of the opened hikayats, dictating on the mood of the storylines drawn from the tunes.

Ideas or inspirations usually come barging as they please with not much consideration of the time and place. For me.Usually while walking, and influenced by the song(s) playing during the said commute. Or while killing time at the airports or other hubs and terminals while waiting. Or during long train or bus rides. Most of these times, I usually have the laptop or the netbook at hand. And I usually will just have them down  in new digital docs straight away in those situations. But there were times when it hit at the most inconvenient times. Like when I was having breakfast outside with one of my sisters and her husband, and it came barging non-stop like a freight train, and I ended up having to jot them down on a sushi receipt because that was the only scrap of random paper that I had with me at the mo. Was hilarious for them, as she said ‘you have your phone,use it to jot them down!’. I guess I am just traditional. The feeling that pen and paper can give you, trumps stylus and smartphone any given day. As for personal experience… I plead the fifth on that.

Apa makanan kegemaran Hlovate?

Not picky. Anything (halal) food is good. I have extra soft spot for biskut meri and air sirap though.

Siapakah penulis kegemaran Hlovate dan apakah novel kegemaran Hlovate? (tak kisah luar negara or dalam negara)

Too many! That’s like asking which on mak’s dish is my favourite. I just can’t pick one. I actually have to write an actual essay to that question as per here and here

Ada haiwan peliharaan tak di rumah?

I do have a pet rock called Rock. Would that count?

Jika anda diberi peluang untuk melancong secara percuma, ke manakah Hlovate mahu pergi dan mengapa?

Every single country. Every single town, city and means of civilization. Imagine the new things that one can learn and discover from such journey.

Apakah novel baru yang bakal diterbitkan oleh Hlovate? Boleh ceritakan sedikit mengenai novel tersebut?

Error 404 – Page Not Found 🙂

Apakah pesanan Hlovate kepada pembaca di luar?

Thank you, for actually giving my works their time of the day. Thank you, for giving me such joy to write.

The lengthy version would be from here

Apa rutin harian Hlovate? Ada yang rare tak?

I just realized that my daily routine is tied to 4 different time zones. And that is totally messed up.

Describe diri  anda dalam 3 patah perkataan?

Learning. Always learning.

(that’s legit, yes?)

Apa nasihat Hlovate kepada penulis-penulis yang masih baru dalam industri buku?

I don’t think that I even have the right for such big words.  One, I am not even a writer, much less a good one. I only see myself as a mere storyteller who tried to draw and paint stories to be shared with others, and trying to make it a purgative, cathartic outlet from the chaos that is life. Plus, the industry has changed. Nowadays literally almost anybody can have their works (of any kind, being it filtered or unfiltered) being published. Hence, it is upon the writers to understand the deliverance of why they are writing in the first place. Whether to express or to impress. Whether to be an artist (read:of art) or a cash-cow capitalist.

This is the so-called note for personal reminder that I jotted down some time ago:

…because writing is a battle between creativity and conscience.

because it is a conflict between vice and virtue
because it is a fluid body in a cast of thousand hues.

because it is a tussle between
border-less imagination and dictated lines
because it is a debate of could and should
a parley between the heart and the mind.

because it is a dispute between verity and actuality
against dreams and visions.
…because writing is a battle between creativity and conscience


Selain Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris, Apa lagi bahasa lain yang Hlovate kuasai?

I have been told that I am fluent in Sarcasm and Stonewalling. Haha.

Kami harap Hlovate akan sentiasa mewarnai industri penulisan dan, jika anda peminat Hlovate,

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