Vaksin Oleh Prof. Dr. Azizi Ayob


Zaman ini, topik vaksin akan sentiasa menimbulkan pertentangan. Ada banyak dakwaan-dakwaan yang timbul. Melalui buku ini, penulis yang pernah terlibat secara langsung dengan pembuatan ubat-ubatan dan vaksin, menjelaskan hakikat sebenarnya.

I would like to take a moment to praise the author’s effort in trying to reach out and educate the public. With all the misunderstandings about vaccine brought up by certain groups of people, this book clearly does a good job to clarify and straighten things up.

Not only this book explains how vaccines is clinically made and strictly tested, it also mentions briefly about vaccine main components and pharmacological principles behind a vaccine. The explanations provided in this book are convincing and backed up by evidences that can correct common misperceptions about the adverse effects of vaccines, how vaccine works and its importance in ensuring public safety. The claim that doctors are conspiring with pharmaceutical company are clarified and showed to be irrelevant.

What makes this books even more special is that it also talks about vaccine from the perspective of Maqasid Syar’iyyah and usul Fiqh like the hukum of the vaccine itself and the hukum of vaccinating.

I highly recommend this book to new parents, parents and medical practitioners especially.

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