Ten Things You Need to Know About College by David House

Searching for a selecting a college or university is one of the most important activities you’ll undertake in your life. It determines much of your future as much as or even more than buying your first house, finding a soul-mate and getting married, applying for and accepting a new job and other major moments in your life. Paying for college is also the biggest purchase you’ll likely make in your life other than a house. Searching for a college to attend can be confusing, complicated, and time-consuming. The Ten Things You Need To Know About College provides you with information about colleges and universities that will help make your college search informed and successful.

I would like to take a moment to praise the author’s effort in trying to reach out and educate the public. The author’s open our eyes about what we need to know about college. Some people lost their way, what they need to do when they get offer from college/university.

This book also explain about strategic minded means that how you should plan where you’ll headed as institutions and how you’ll get there. College and universities are a lot like businesses. They work very hard to get students register at their places to make students aware about their college/universities . They tried their best to provide best facilities and campuses to their future students. So, as students, you need to need to be strategic and competitive as well, this is because you will face major competition and that’s means you need to market yourself too. You need to plots out strategy that consist of what you need to do, when you’ll do it, and how you’ll do it.

What makes you need to buy this book is that the author’s also share about you major of studies. The author explain, your major probably won’t define your life or your future career. Because there are plenty of people that what they do now does not same with what their major is. You need to be an explorer, open to new ideas, adventuresome, intellectually curious, mentally agile, and intent on finding something.

On top of that, this book also explain to you about study abroad. When you join a program to study abroad, you will get opportunity to live and study abroad. discovering what it’s like to be a foreigner is a challenging but mind-expanding experience. You should grab opportunities when your college/university offer a program to study abroad. You will learn so much about their culture, language and etc.

I highly recommend this book to students that just finish their high school or to people that wish to further their studies.

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