Whenever prospective clients contact my company for a book publishing quote, they invariably request a book printing quote to go along with it. I tell them that to figure out your initial publishing costs—the professional editing, graphic design, proofreading, indexing, and administrative costs involved in publishing a book—a publisher will need to know five things: 1. How many words are included both inside your book’s interior and on its cover? 2. How many images/graphics are included both inside your book’s interior and on its cover? 3. Will your book have a colour or black and white interior? (If colour, will it be a full bleed?) 4. What trim size (e.g., 5 x 8″, 5.5 x 8.5″, 6 x 9″, 8.5 x 11″) do you want? 5. What format (e.g., paperback, case-wrapped hardcover, dust-jacketed hardcover) do you want? Figuring out your book printing costs is even more involved than that. It is only once your book is fully formatted and you know all the above information plus the page count of the final-designed book that you can officially request a book printing quote. (The page count of a final-designed book is almost always different from the page count of your initial manuscript.) There is much to think about, much to consider when it comes to book printing. I also ask each author, “How many books are you thinking about printing, and have you considered how and where you’re going to sell them?” Some people are puzzled by that question, assuming the publisher will actively sell your books for you. I published this FREE ebook for these individuals a while ago: Your Ebook is an Asset … if You Own the Copyright. The moral of the story is there’s no point in printing any books at all unless you have a clear idea of how to distribute them—successfully. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money in book printing costs followed by even more in storage costs. For the authors who believe you’ll be able to print and sell direct to popular “bricks and mortar” book retailers, I highly recommend you download and read this additional FREE ebook: Why Traditional Bookstores Won’t Carry Your Book on Their Shelves … and Why That’s Okay. The truth is, if you want your book placed on the physical shelves of a traditional bookstore, you must play by the peculiar rules set by the traditional book supply chain. And, believe me, peculiar is the best word to describe these old rules … as I’m sure you’ll agree once you read the book. As well, most “bricks and mortar” booksellers (e.g., Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, and Blackwell’s, et cetera) and libraries will only purchase their books through established distributors. They simply won’t deal with individual authors. Add to all this the fact that printers can be finicky machines at times. Have you ever wondered why, sometimes, a colour image looks different on your computer screen than it does in a printed document? This has much to do with the way the colour file was created by the designer as well as the type of paper it is being printed on and the type of printer being used. There is MUCH to consider with book printing. Before you engage in any type of book printing at all, read this book! It could save you a lot of time and money down the road. For those who still wish to print their books, this guide will help you to produce the best book printing result possible.

If you are new self publisher and you plan to print your first master piece, here are some advises that you can use before you print. Some of the factors that you might to take in consideration is the size of the book, the type of paper that is used for the book cover and content, the type of fonts used because the larger the font that you use, it might affect the number of pages hence affecting the quantity of pages used per book. There are many other factors that are also mentioned in this book.

If you ask me, it is a good book to give you an overview on what to expect and how can you sell the book provided you bear for the printing, logistics and the ware house cost.

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Understanding what it feels like to go through the hard, challenging life as a young house officer equipped with knowledge but with zero experience, we strive to come up with the best tips and important highlights to ensure your journey through housemanship is less painful. Chapters covers all the major postings as well as providing useful insights into radiology, anaesthesiology and pathology-related matters. We have also incorporated a chapter on how to cope with housemanship. Knowing how stressful it can be – fear of the unknown, unexpected, unfamiliar working conditions in the hospital may be detrimental to those who do not posses good survival skills. This book is specially dedicated to our students who are just about to venture out into the thrilling and challenging world of housemanship.

A good informative book for houseman students. It is a mini guide for you to pass through your journey as a houseman. Let me share with you few of the tips that might came handy when you encountered the real situation.


“Whenever a doctor cannot do good, he must be kept from doing harm” – Hippocrates

When starting in any speciality, there are always key elements that will define you as either a superb or a substandard house officer. From any housemanship rotation, the first impression of your performance usually gives one a general idea on how you may perform or be perceived for the duration of your residency. So it is of paramount importance that you start your posting fully prepared.

Medical posting has always been viewed as one of the more difficult departments to work in as a house officer. A myriad of patient presentations, social challenges that often accompany certain patients or even the daily workload often overwhelm the underprepared, so it is important to be ready and to accept the fact that in the coming 4 months your social life will be virtually non-existent. It is also important to note that medical departments vary from hospital to hospital. The bigger teaching hospitals will usually have dedicated subspeciality wards, where as the smaller ones will have a diverse patient profile in their wards.

The purpose of this guidebook is not to (re)teach you the minute details of diseases, nor to tell you the steps of doing a procedure, but to arm you with enough knowledge and “know how” to ensure your time as a medical houseman is bearable, if not enjoyable.


Medicine posting is very wide. You can see a stable patient to the very ill one sits next to each other. Quite often, that you have to attend collapsed patients whom you saw stable few minutes previously. Thus, it is not easy to provide guideline on all cases in medical posting.

However, generally all patients who are admitted to medical department need daily assessment of few common parameters to help in monitoring the progress and stratify the risks of the patients. In general, these are things that are a MUST in all patient in medical wards :

Vital signs – Blood pressure (BP), pulse rate (PR), temperature, weight and oxygen saturation level (SPO2).
The fluid balance charting (input-output chart).
Electrolytes balance – mainly all the blood parameters from investigations, arterial blood gases (ABG).
Sugar monitoring – which always been forgotten if the patient is not diabetic.
Infective parameter mainly from full blood count (FBC), C-reactive Protein (CRP) or erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).
One of the core business in medical posting is also abundant blood taking and procedures. Therefore, standard universal precaution should be routinely practised everytime you need to do it!

Always refer to your senior or supervisor if you are not sure or you already failed few attempts on the procedure especially blood taking. Please do not try to be hero by doing things you are not capable of. Sharing is caring! And please know your limit.

We listed some common cases and common do’s and don’ts for your guide.
Enjoy your medical posting!

“The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it” – Maimonides

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GURU SEBAGAI MENTOR Oleh Salhah Abdullah dan Ainon Mohd

Buku ini dapat membimbing guru menjadi mentor kepada pelajar, guru permulaan, guru pelatih dan rakan guru. Antara perkara menarik yang dibincangkan adalah aplikasi teori psikologi dalam pementoran, kemahiran mengurus pementoran dan cara mengurus program.

Bukan semua orang boleh menjadi mentor. Di dalam buku ini ada menyatakan bukan semua guru boleh menjadi jurulatih, bukan semua kaunselor  boleh menjadi mentor, bukan fasilitator boleh menjadi jurulatih. Hal ini kerana hubungan mentee dan mentor menjangkau lebih daripada kaunselor.  Apa yang penting bagi seorang mentor ialah kejayaan menteenya. Mentor juga harus tahu kekuatan dan kelemahan menteenya. Antara lain yang terkandung di dalam buku ini juga adalah mentor bukan sahaja perlu mahir dalam kemahiran mendengar dengan aktif malah mereka juga perlu menguasai seni serta kemahiran mendengar secara reflektif.

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“Nearly everyone within a company is involved in selling at one level or another. Yet, the majority of those people are not professional frontline salespeople – they have never received any training in selling or in dealing with customers. As a result, opportunities are missed and, worst, you may even have wrecked the relationship with the customer for the long term. Selling Skills for Complete Amateurs presents a set of basic skills for selling, aimed exclusively at those people who have never been trained in the art of selling. Based on the successful courses which the author has been running for over ten years for beginners in sales, this book is intended to enable anyone to make a sound contribution to the overall sales process. 10 reasons you must buy this book and stop wrecking sales efforts in your organisation! 1. Amateurs make 10 fatal selling statements that instantly turn customers off. 2. You can cut objections to your sales pitch by up to 90% (and deal easily with the remaining few) using a proven method. 3. A truly persuasive sales letter doesn’t look anything like the attempts that amateurs make. 4. No validated research supports the business folklore that sales objections are “buying signals in disguise” – in fact they have the opposite effect! 5. Unconscious emotional need – that’s what you need to generate when your customer is at the point of making a buying decision. 6. There are two key human attributes which you can use to encourage customers to persuade themselves for you. 7. “Telling isn’t selling” – what can you do to make a massive change in the outcome of your next meeting with a customer? 8. Prolonging the investigative phase of your sale increases customer desire for the solution your product provides. 9. You don’t want to be marooned in “great-presentation-we’ll-call-you-soon” limbo. 10. Wake up to the real cause of the commonest objection of all – “You’re too expensive” – and discover what you can do to stop it immediately. ”

If you are an amateur and looking for more guide on how to sell your products in the worst of time,  classic mistakes that amateur seller do, the art of controlling the situation and negotiation and many more.

One of the tips that was given is stop talking and start asking question to attract the attention of your client. So if you really want more tips and guide on this, get this eBook and start learning now to boost your sale.

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“Siapa yang buntingkan kau? Cakap!”

Semuanya bermula atas dasar salah meneka. Dek tindakan orang lain terhadap MARYAM DARLEENA, akhirnya dia yang menerima akibatnya. Sakit, kecewa dan sengsara dibawanya bersama meninggalkan semua yang pernah disayanginya. Semenjak peristiwa itu, dia selalu mengingatkan orang lain, bahawasanya apa yang kita lihat tak semestinya menunjukkan perkara sebenar.

MARYAM DARLEENA cuba melalui masa depannya tanpa memikirkan tentang kekurangannya itu. Tapi setiap kali dia jatuh cinta, itulah perkara pertama yang ditakutinya. Sehinggalah… jodoh itu menariknya kuat dan takkan mampu dielak. Mampukah Maryam Darleena terus sendiri tanpa cinta, hanya disebabkan kenangan hitam itu?

“Jangan, bang. Cukuplah sekali Mar kecewa. Mar tak mampu untuk kecewa kali kedua. Mar tak sempurna untuk abang. Jangan memberi harapan kepada diri sendiri mahupun Mar. Abang cuma bersimpati. Bila simpati hilang, abang akan membenci Mar.”

TUAH ITHAR sangat menyayangi gadis itu. Namun akibat tak sabar menanti lebih lama, gadis itu meninggalkannya tanpa kata. Sedang merawat kekecewaan, dia dipertemukan dengan seorang gadis lain yang sangat tabah. Dan dia yakin itulah gadis yang tepat untuk dilindunginya sekaligus melengkapi dirinya. Mengapa sukar sekali hendak mendapatkan jiwa itu? Jika lafaz cinta diterima, mengapa seolah-olah menindakkan perasaan?

Tuah Ithar buntu dengan gadis penuh rahsia itu, bertambah kusut apabila satu persatu masalah datang tanpa disangka. Dan jika gadis yang menjadi pilihan hati Tuah Ithar itu menerimanya dengan rela, adakah Tuah Ithar mampu menerima hakikat yang segala impiannya tidak akan menjadi kenyataan?

“Abang lelaki yang tidak sempurna. Abang cuba menjadi sempurna tetapi jangan biarkan abang lemas setelah abang karam. Tariklah tangan abang supaya abang dapat bernafas semula.”

Buku ni admin tertarik untuk beli disebabkan tajuknya. Macam tajuk cerita indon gitu. Contohnya macam ayat-ayat cinta. Ternyata admin tak silap memilih. Admin andaikan yang cerita ini berat tapi admin salah. Admin merasai pelbagai rasa. Ada sedih dan ada lucu.

Cerita mengisahkan Ithar yang berkahwin dengan Maryam walaupun dia tahu Maryam tiada rahim. Pada mulanya mereka hidup bahagia tetapi bekas tunang Ithar datang menjadi orang ketiga menyebabkan rumahtangga mereka bergoyang. Maryam redha kerana dia tahu wanita tanpa rahim sepertinya takkan mengecap bahagia.

Lekir, adik Ithar berkahwin dengan Darfina akibat fitnah. Walaupun Darfina marah dengan perkahwinan itu tetapi Lekir menjaga Darfina dengan baik.

Admin tak pandai nak review cuma admin suka garapan penulis. Dalam kesedihan, penulis telah mencipta watak Makcik Wok yang bisa buat stress admin hilang akibat geram akan konflik yang melanda.

Jika mahu lebih lagi sila dapatkan buku ini.

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SOFIAH QISTINA, gadis yang dibesarkan dengan segala harta dan kemewahan. Namun dia hanya dahagakan kasih dan sayang papa dan mamanya. Paksaan papa Qistina, Tan Sri Ali Saifuddin, untuk mengahwini lelaki durjana bernama Remy tidak diendahkan demi menjaga maruah serta imannya. Maka dia lebih rela dihalau keluar dari rumah daripada berkahwin dengan Remy.

Lantas peluang pekerjaan yang ditawarkan oleh Ian Iskandar tidak mahu dilepaskan. Dia lebih rela menjadi seorang peneman kepada ibu Ian Iskandar walaupun terpaksa meninggalkan bumi Malaysia dan berhijrah ke kota London.

IAN ISKANDAR, lelaki berdarah kacukan Melayu-Inggeris yang serius lagi tegas. Hidup di bawah satu bumbung bersama Qistina membuat hati lelakinya terusik. Buat pertama kali hatinya terbuka ingin memiliki dan dimiliki. Pertama kali jugalah dia merasakan apa itu kasih, sayang, cinta, marah dan cemburu, hanya kerana seorang gadis.

Kehidupan Qistina menjadi huru-hara dengan perhatian rapi yang diberikan Ian Iskandar. Sikap lelaki itu yang terlalu ingin memiliki Qistina mengiringi setiap langkahnya. Sifat cemburu Ian Iskandar terhadap hubungannya dengan Dr. Ilyas Khan benar-benar melemaskannya.

“Will you marry me, Qistina? Apa yang susah sangat nak faham, Qistina? Soalan simple macam tu pun awak tak boleh faham? Straight forward je kan? Takde bahasa kias, takde teka-teki…” – Ian Iskandar

Mampukah Qistina menerima Ian Iskandar setelah apa yang Remy lakukan terhadapnya? Mampukah Ian Iskandar menerima Qistina seadanya? Mampukah mereka pertahankan bahtera cinta mereka apabila mengetahui Remy masih memburu Qistina? Siapa pula Remy?

Betapa hebatnya cinta seorang lelaki bernama Ian Iskandar terhadap cinta hatinya. Demi Qistina, Ian Iskandar sanggup melakukan apa sahaja… apa sahaja demi kebahagiaan seorang isteri!

Dalam ada segalanya, tetap ada kepincangan. Selain dari mempunyai pelajaran tinggi dan kekayaan keluarga, Qistina juga mempunyai peribadi yang elok dan rupa yang menawan. Apa yang kurang adalah kasih sayang keluarga yang terlalu mementing darjat dan business marriage. Nilai-nilai agama tidak diterapkan dalam keluarga sehingga 5 rukun Islam juga tidak dipraktikkan melainkan diri Qistina sendiri. Dia dibesarkan oleh keluarga orang gajinya di rumah sendiri sebelum berangkat ke London untuk melanjutkan pelajaran.

Berlainan dengan Ian Iskandar, jejaka kacukan English-Malay dibesarkan oleh ibunya sendiri setelah berpisah dengan ayahnya. Semua nilai murni, ini dipraktiskan walaupun tidak lagi tinggal di Malaysia. Kerana kehancuran hubungan ibu dan ayahnya dan kemalangan ibunya yang menyebabkan dia lumpuh, Ian lebih senang menghabiskan masa dengan kerja. Dia mencari seorang pendamping bagi ibunya yang kesunyian.

Kerana enggan patuh pada kahwin kerana business, Qistina dihalau keluar dari rumah as soon as she graduated. Two weeks in fact. Dia berlindung di rumah Mak Esah sambil mencari pekerjaan. Secara kebetulan Ian yang mencari pendamping bagi ibunya terima dia bekerja di London after the 1st interview just because of love at 1st sight. Too beautiful too ignore.

Sepeninggalan Qistina, sedikit demi sedikit musibah melanda keluarganya. Ian, as always, jadi penyalamat dalam senyap. Dan siapa Ian dengan bekas tunang tak jadi Qis terbongkar. Segala yang terjadi dalam keluarga Ian 20 tahun lepas started to unravel too.

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Mya Arlissa terperangkap dengan permainan dunia yang kejam. Dia tercampak ke dunia yang kelam dan gelap tanpa kerelaan hatinya. Tangan yang disangka boleh memimpinnya ke arah yang lebih lurus, rupanya tidak berbeza seperti lelaki lain yang hidup berajakan nafsu. Dirinya tergadai kepada Mikail, lelaki tampan yang kaya-raya dan menjadi buruan ramai wanita.

Ini kisah yang menarik perhatian admin sebaik sahaja membelek helaian pertama. Kelainan yang dibawa oleh penulisnya memang mengujakan. Malah jarang sebenarnya watak-watak utama yang mempunyai sisi hitam diterjemahkan dengan baik dalam sesebuah novel. Tajuk ABM sudah menggambarkan isi cerita novel ini. Jadi seeloknya novel ini dijauhkan daripada mereka yang berusia 18 tahun ke bawah.

Mya Arlissa punya nama indah yang tak seindah kisah hidupnya. Terperangkap dalam dunia kotor itu bukan kehendak hatinya tetapi apakan daya. Mujur ada sang penyelamat, si ‘hero’ yang muncul dalam kelam. Tetapi siapa sangka, Mikail sama saja seperti yang lain, hidup bertunjangkan nafsu dunia.

Hampir dua tahun bersama-sama Mikail, Mya mula menyedari sesuatu. Apatah lagi dengan kematian neneknya, umpama satu wake up call buat Mya. Sudah terlalu lama bertemankan dosa, apakah ada jalan pulang buatnya? Di saat ini, Mya mula berubah, menjauhkan diri daripada Mikail. Dia perlu mencari arah hidupnya kembali.

Namun bagi Mikail, bukan senang untuknya melepaskan Mya. Dia tak mahu teman lain selain Mia. Ego tingginya dibuang begitu saja bila Mya bertekad untuk pergi daripada dunia palsu mereka. Dia akur yang dia kini sudah jatuh cinta pada perempuan yang di’bela’nya. Pelbagai cara dilakukan untuk memenangi hati Mya semula.

Untuk membina kembali hubungan baru antara mereka bukan mudah. Kehadiran Adam yang kejam, Shamil yang tiba-tiba hadir menuntut janji dan Suzanne yang menyakitkan hati benar-benar menyukarkan hidup Mya. Apatah lagi dengan penolakan Datin Adiba; ibu Mikail yang begitu membenci perempuan seperti Mya. Apa kesudahan kisah Mya dan Mikail? Berjayakah mereka membina semula hubungan yang direstui dan halal di sisi agama? Mari saksikan dalam kisah ABM ini.

Pujian memang harus diberikan pada Acik Lana kerana menjanjikan sesuatu yang berbeza dalam kisahnya ini. Admin juga harus memuji cara penulis ‘memutihkan’ kembali watak Mya dan Mikail. Kredit kepada Kaki Novel juga kerana membawa variasi dalam novel-novel keluarannya, bukan lagi santai tetapi sudah ada novel yang disampaikan dalam nada berat dan dramatik.

Setiap manusia itu diberi pilihan. Memilih jalan putih atau kekal bergelumang dalam dosa. Dan bila saja pilihan dibuat, kita harus menempuh segala yang merintanginya. Suka dan duka itu rencahnya.

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