Calon Suami Buat Novelis oleh Eliza A.B


Nak cari calon suami bukan semudah ABC. Bukan macam pilih sayur di pasar. Kenalah pilih yang betul-betul sesuai dan kena dengan jiwa. Begitulah yang terjadi kepada Qaira Nur Imani. Cadangan Puan Noraini memperkenalkan dia dengan beberapa calon suami membuatkan dia rasa sesak nafas. Qaira Nur Imani, seorang novelis yang serik untuk jatuh cinta lagi. Cukuplah tiga kali dia kecewa kerana bertepuk sebelah tangan. Lantaran itu, pintu hatinya ditutup buat insan yang bergelar lelaki. Namun, perkara itu tidak menghalang Puan Noriani mencari calon suami untuk anaknya itu. “Selagi Aira tak bawa calon untuk ibu, selagi itu ibu akan kacau hidup Aira!” – Puan Noraini Bagi Qaira, nak cari calon suami bukan semudah ABC. Kenalah pilih yang betul-betul sesuai dan kena dengan jiwa serta dapat menggetarkan naluri perempuannya. Kalau boleh, dia menginginkan seorang suami sama seperti hero-hero dalam novelnya. Pertemuan dengan jejaka kacak Hadif Asyraf merubah hidup Qaira. Hadif yang juga mempunyai masalah yang sama dengan Qaira melamar Qaira walaupun mereka baru berkenalan. Bagi Hadif, dia yakin dengan prinsip 5B ciptaannya. Berkenalan, berkawan, bercinta, berkahwin dan bahagia. “Aku nak melamar kau jadi isteri aku. Kita kahwin?” – Hadif “Memang kita dah berkenalan. Kita pun dah berkawan. Tapi kita belum bercinta. Mana boleh berkahwin terus?” – Qaira “Kalau macam tu, kita kahwin kemudian kita bercinta. Aku nak jadi hero kau selama-lamanya.”- Hadif Qaira dalam dilema. Calon sudah ada tapi mampukah Hadif menjadi calon suami buatnya seperti yang diidamkan? Mampukah dia membuka pintu hatinya buat Hadif Asyraf buat kesekian kalinya?

Pertama kali admin membaca eBook ini, admin rasa tertarik dengan perkembangan jalan cerita dan perkembangan watak antara Qaira Nur Imani dan Hadif Asyraf. Dari benci antara satu sama lain hingga lah masing-masing akhirnya terjatuh cinta terhadap satu sama lain. Bibit-bibit percintaan mereka memang sangat sweet hingga bersemut eBook ni admin baca. Jalan ceritanya untuk suatu kejadian agak sedikit meleret dan dicerita berulang kali menyebabkan admin melonjak ke beberapa muka surat seterusnya ketika bacaan. Pada mulanya, Qaira sering kali menghadapi kekeliruan dengan hatinya. Manakala, Hadif pula cepat membaca naluri hatinya, dia cepat sedar yang dia sebenarnya dah jatuh hati terhadap Qaira apabila 3 bulan mengenali gadis itu. Disebabkan Qaira tidak pasti dengan hatinya, bermacam-macam hal yang terjadi selama perkenalan mereka. Admin rasa kesian pun ada terhadap kedua-dua keluarga Qaira dan Hadif kerana Qaira banyak kali buat masalah. Admin rasa mungkin ada antara kita yang boleh relate dengan apa yang Qaira hadapi. Qaira takut bertepuk sebelah tangan lagi sepertimana yang terjadi waktu dahulu sebelum dia berjumpa dengan Hadif. Admin kagum dengan keberanian Qaira untuk luahkan perasaan terhadap lelaki yang diminatinya dahulu kerana walaupun ini generasi yang baru, bukan ramai perempuan yang mahu dan berani untuk membuat langkah pertama. Tetapi jika dah namanya perempuan, maka akan terasa kecil juga diri apabila luahan hati dipandang sepi. Beberapa hari sebelum tarikh perkahwinan Qaira dan Hadif, Qaira menghilangkan diri selama sebulan. Memang remuk hati Hadif bila Qaira buat dia sebegitu rupa. Tapi kenapa Qaira melarikan diri? Apa sebenarnya yang terjadi? Nak tahu dengan lebih lanjut tentang novel ini?





The new novel from the author of the bestselling collection HORROR STORIES. A child goes missing. On a hill stands a huge banyan tree. The story unfolds … Kenny Leong, a university student, and his two brothers open a restaurant in London.  His Irish friend, Trevor, helps out as a waiter. At first the restaurant is a failure but when the junior chef, Faizah, cooks up a new mysterious Malay dish, everything changes for them all. In this haunting tale of love and healing, we follow Kenny and Trevor from London to Seville, and then to Malaysia thirty years later.

The Leong brothers, James, Robert and Kenny from Teluk Intan are staying in London to finish their degree in accounting and economics. James and Robert are trainee accountants but they are bored with their job and decided to quit and open a Malaysian restaurant in London. Concerning the low profit generated from the restaurant, they decided to close the restaurant for good. For the last week of closing the restaurant, they served special malay dishes for their customer and a junior chef at the restaurant, Faizah, cooks a mysterious dish called Hunger Pangs. Some people believed that the dish healed their illnesses but the magic isn’t actually from the dish, but from Faizah herself. Whether Faizah is gifted or cursed, you may have your own opinion but this novel depicts the sorrow of a healer and a lover between Faizah and Trevor.

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Understanding what it feels like to go through the hard, challenging life as a young house officer equipped with knowledge but with zero experience, we strive to come up with the best tips and important highlights to ensure your journey through housemanship is less painful. Chapters covers all the major postings as well as providing useful insights into radiology, anaesthesiology and pathology-related matters. We have also incorporated a chapter on how to cope with housemanship. Knowing how stressful it can be – fear of the unknown, unexpected, unfamiliar working conditions in the hospital may be detrimental to those who do not posses good survival skills. This book is specially dedicated to our students who are just about to venture out into the thrilling and challenging world of housemanship.

A good informative book for houseman students. It is a mini guide for you to pass through your journey as a houseman. Let me share with you few of the tips that might came handy when you encountered the real situation.


“Whenever a doctor cannot do good, he must be kept from doing harm” – Hippocrates

When starting in any speciality, there are always key elements that will define you as either a superb or a substandard house officer. From any housemanship rotation, the first impression of your performance usually gives one a general idea on how you may perform or be perceived for the duration of your residency. So it is of paramount importance that you start your posting fully prepared.

Medical posting has always been viewed as one of the more difficult departments to work in as a house officer. A myriad of patient presentations, social challenges that often accompany certain patients or even the daily workload often overwhelm the underprepared, so it is important to be ready and to accept the fact that in the coming 4 months your social life will be virtually non-existent. It is also important to note that medical departments vary from hospital to hospital. The bigger teaching hospitals will usually have dedicated subspeciality wards, where as the smaller ones will have a diverse patient profile in their wards.

The purpose of this guidebook is not to (re)teach you the minute details of diseases, nor to tell you the steps of doing a procedure, but to arm you with enough knowledge and “know how” to ensure your time as a medical houseman is bearable, if not enjoyable.


Medicine posting is very wide. You can see a stable patient to the very ill one sits next to each other. Quite often, that you have to attend collapsed patients whom you saw stable few minutes previously. Thus, it is not easy to provide guideline on all cases in medical posting.

However, generally all patients who are admitted to medical department need daily assessment of few common parameters to help in monitoring the progress and stratify the risks of the patients. In general, these are things that are a MUST in all patient in medical wards :

Vital signs – Blood pressure (BP), pulse rate (PR), temperature, weight and oxygen saturation level (SPO2).
The fluid balance charting (input-output chart).
Electrolytes balance – mainly all the blood parameters from investigations, arterial blood gases (ABG).
Sugar monitoring – which always been forgotten if the patient is not diabetic.
Infective parameter mainly from full blood count (FBC), C-reactive Protein (CRP) or erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).
One of the core business in medical posting is also abundant blood taking and procedures. Therefore, standard universal precaution should be routinely practised everytime you need to do it!

Always refer to your senior or supervisor if you are not sure or you already failed few attempts on the procedure especially blood taking. Please do not try to be hero by doing things you are not capable of. Sharing is caring! And please know your limit.

We listed some common cases and common do’s and don’ts for your guide.
Enjoy your medical posting!

“The physician should not treat the disease but the patient who is suffering from it” – Maimonides

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[REVIEW] Florence Tan's Timeless Peranakan Recipes


Peranakan cuisine combines the best of Chinese and Malay influences to offer a unique fusion of exotic and aromatic food. From spicy sambals and piquant pickles to dishes that tantalise and entice… the undisputed doyenne of Peranakan cuisine Florence Tan whets your appetite in Florence Tan’s Timeless Peranakan Recipes, a collection of her family’s treasured recipes. Find traditional and classic Nyonya favourites like Ikan Kuah Lada, Udang Masak Lemak and Ayam Buah Keluak and special dishes like Hee Peow Soup, Nasi Ulam and Nyonya Yee Sang, which are prepared for festive and auspicious occasions. With Florence’s help, anyone can cook up an authentic Nyonya meal (or feast) in no time!

Hi guys!

Thinking of what to cook for dinner today? So little time to spare but want to have delicious dish? Here is my suggestion since I have went through the eBook, I think it would be nice if I’m able to share it with you guys the Florence Tan’s Timeless Peranakan Recipes eBook.

Especially to those who have always been a fan of Peranakan cookings or maybe those who have always wanted to try make one, here is one of the Peranakan recipes that caught my eyes and tastebud, of course.

Kari Udang Kapitan




500 ml | 16 fl oz | 2 cups cooking oil

500 grams | 1 pound, 1½ ounces
king prawns (jumbo shrimps),
feelers trimmed

1 onion, peeled and coarsely

600 ml | 20 fl oz | 2½ cups coconut
milk, extracted from 250 grams |
9 ounces | 2½ cups grated coconut
and 600 ml | 20 fl oz | 2½ cups

1¾ teaspoons salt

1 tablespoon sugar

2½ tablespoons kalamansi juice

1 sprig mint leaves



4 dried chillies, soaked in water
and drained

8 red chillies

3 cloves garlic, peeled

3 candlenuts

3.5 cm | 1½ inches fresh turmeric,

2.5 cm | 1 inch galangal, peeled

2 stalks lemongrass, sliced

1 teaspoon crushed dried shrimp


1. Combine the ingredients for the finely ground paste and grind until fine.

2. Heat the cooking oil in a wok until hot. Add the prawns and fry for 30 seconds.
Drain and set aside.

3. Leave 7 tablespoons oil in the wok. Add onion and sauté for a few minutes.

4. Add finely ground paste and stir-fry until aromatic.

5. Return the prawns to the wok. Stir in coconut milk and bring to a boil. Simmer
for 2–3 minutes. Season with salt and sugar

6. Remove from the heat and add kalamansi juice.

7. Garnish with mint leaves and serve.

Voila! And you are done with your Kari Udang Kapitan!

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Hasilan nukilan Ryana ini pasti mencuit pintu hati anda dengan jalan ceritanya tersendiri. Athirah merasakan hidupnya kosong. Ada yang menyayangi, namun hati menidakkan. Ada yang disayangi, tapi si dia menghilangkan diri. Lantas, apa lagi yang tinggal pada dirinya. Dia sedar, dia harus memberi peluang kepada hatinya untuk menerima dan memberi, tapi dia tidak pandai mengungkap kalimah cinta. Sebenarnya, ada jejaka yang amat mencintai Athirah, iaitu Irfan. Namun, kehadiran Farah Marlissa dan Farah Hayana menyegarkan kisah cinta mereka. Apa pula yang berlaku dengan kehadiran semula Syazwani dan Danish? Siapa mereka di hati Athirah dan Irfan.

Irfan dan Athirah bercinta monyet ketika sekolah. Hubungan mereka terputus begitu sahaja bila Athirah ke SBP selepas MRSM dan Irfan ke UK selepas STPM.

Irfan kemudiannya bercinta dan berkahwin dengan Syazwani dan dikurniakan 2 orang anak. Mereka bercerai bila Syazwani sejak dari mula tidak menghiraukan suami dan anak2nya kerana ghairah mengejar cita2 sebagai seorang pengacara. Penceraian tersebut mendapat liputan meluas media dan Irfan disalahkan secara total. Irfan kemudiannya jatuh suka kepada Zuriani, setiusaha barunya. Bercadang untuk mengahwini Zuriani biarpun anak2nya tidak suka.

Athirah yang juga terlibat dalam bidang penyiaran (officemate Syazwani sebenarnya) telah bertunang dengan Danish. Akibat kesibukan si tunang, Danish curang. Athirah nekad memutuskan ikatan tersebut biarpun Danish berulang-kali merayu.

Dalam satu insiden, Athirah terserempak dengan ibu Irfan yang panik di Wad Kecemasan kerana anak Irfan diserang asma. Ikatan antara Athirah a.k.a Auntie Sya dan anak2 Irfan mula terjalin.

Niat Irfan untuk bertunang dengan Zuriani telah dipersetujui kedua-dua keluarga. Namun, ketika itu jugalah Irfan bertembung dengan Athirah di Langkawi. Dan kasih yang layu mekar kembali. Dalam satu pertemuan keluarga Irfan, Athirah dijemput sama. Irfan terkejut kerana Athirah dan Auntie Sya adalah orang yang sama. Athirah pula tergamam bila mengetahui Irfan dan Zuriani akan bertunang.

Penolakan anak2 ke atas Zuriani memberikan kekuatan kepada Irfan untuk memutuskan hubungan mereka. Zuriani yang kecewa berpakat dengan seteru sepejabat Athirah untuk memburukkan namanya di media. Malahan keluarga Athirah juga mula termakan dengan fitnah tersebut. Athirah dipaksa kahwin dengan bekas tunangannya, Danish.

Untuk mengelakkan perkahwinan tersebut dan juga untuk menyelesaikan masalah, Athirah bertekad untuk menyambung pelajarannya ke UK tanpa pengetahuan sesiapa. Irfan cuba memujuk Athirah dengan kiriman2 emailnya.

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JANJI Oleh Noor Azlin


Seorang gadis kaya bernama Chika yang baru sedar daripada koma mendakwa dirinya adalah seorang pelakon yang meningkat naik bernama Azira Khidir. Persoalannya, gadis bernama Azira Khidir telah mati dipercayai dibunuh di apartmentnya. Polis masih menyiasat kes pembunuhannya. Ibubapa Azira kemudian terpana bila mendapati perwatakan dan kelakuan Chika memang mirip benar dengan mendiang anak mereka. Apakah sebenarnya yang berlaku pada Chika? Adakah hal ini dapat dikaitkan secara saintifik atau ada sesuatu yang terselindung di sebalik sebuah pembohongan? Wujudkah sebuah reinkarnasi atau kelahiran semula? Dan apakah kaitannya dengan sebuah JANJI?

Admin rasa buku ini boleh menguji pemikiran kritikal readers semua. Sebabnya bila admin baca buku ini, admin akan termenung sekejap untuk fikir hubungan antara semua karakter yang ada dalam buku ini. Bila sampai ke klimaks cerita ini, admin terfikir apa kaitan antara reinkarnasi dengan janji, tapi ending cerita ini buat admin jadi “ooooooo, macam tu rupanya……” Admin suka dengan ending cerita ini.

Perasaan admin bila baca buku ini, ada rasa geram, menyampah, sweet pon ada. Haaaa, bercampur-baur kan perasaan admin. Hahaha….. Surely, readers akan suka dengan watak Jed dalam cerita ini.

Itu lah ulasan buku yang admin boleh kongsikan dengan readers pada hari ini. Kalau readers nak dapatkan ebook ini, boleh klik pada link di bawah

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Analyze the calendar function on the computers, tablets and mobile devices of millions of executives, and what will you find? Wall-to-wall meetings. Even conservative estimates say that we spend more than a quarter of our working lives in meetings, and that over 50% of that meeting time is wasted. Yet meetings appear central to the way process works in the vast majority of organizations and no-one seems to want to tell the truth about them. Can you embody leadership through meetings? Can you innovate effectively through meetings? Is creativity evolved in meetings? Mote is that better meeting and a life-changing way forward. When you learn how to mote you open up the pathways to business success. Empower people, inspire innovation, promote productivity, and mote your way to your business goals. Mote is business process re-engineering. Mote can transform YOUR business.

I often feel with books like these that some people will find them more useful than others, and it’s true that it’s reasonably well-written and well thought out. My main criticism would be that too much of the book felt like a set of notes, which made it difficult to get into reading it. It felt kind of jumpy from topic to another.

Overall, I think this is a good book to read if you’re an executive who spends a lot of their time in meetings – if you’re like me though, and you don’t have the authority to implement change, then there are little things here and there that you can pick up to improve your own performance, but good luck trying to convince the rest of your company to take up the Mote mentality.

What are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to learn more on how can you optimize time while having meetings!

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