Ulasan Buku: Awang Kenit: Pencarian Haiwan Kesayangan


Naskah klasik remaja ini dimulakan dengan kisah Pak Ali dan Mak Munah suami isteri yang tidak disukai oleh orang kampung, terutamanya ketua kampung sendiri. Bertambah sedih lagi apabila Mak Munah didapati mandul dan Pak Ali menghidap penyakit kusta. Akibat tidak tahan dihina oleh orang kampung, mereka berdua melarikan diri ke Gunung Hijau untuk mencari nenek kebayan bagi mengubati penyakit kusta Pak Ali. Malang bertambah malang apabila Pak Ali pula meninggal dunia. Tinggallah Mak Munah bersama nenek kebayan dan tidak disangka-sangka Mak Munah telah mengandung. Kelahiran anak yang mempunyai susuk tubuh kerdil membuatkan Mak Munah menamakannya Awang Kenit. Awang Kenit membesar menjadi seorang yang kerdil tapi rajin dan baik hati. Awang Kenit mempunyai seekor lembu bernama Badang yang boleh berkata-kata tetapi dengannya sahaja. Kehilangan Badang pada suatu hari telah merunsingkan Awang Kenit, dia telah pergi mencari haiwan kesayangannya itu. Ketika dia keluar mencari Badang berlaku pelbagai keanehan. Cerita ini ditulis dengan baik memudahkan remaja untuk membacanya. Banyak tauladan yang dapat dipelajari dari hasil penulisan Aqmaer Halim ini.


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Ubuntu New Smart Phone OS to compete Android

Just days after London-based Canonical unveiled its brand-new Ubuntu operating system for smartphones, the company took a trip out to Las Vegas to attend the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to show off the new open-source mobile interface in person.

(Photo: Courtesy/Ubuntu.com)
According to Canonical, the “welcome screen” on the Ubuntu phone OS is designed to be a visual representation of you. The art will evolve in various ways depending on how you use your phone.

Mark Shuttlesworth, the founder of Canonical, offered demonstrations of the new Ubuntu smartphone OS at his company’s booth at CES 2013.

In Shuttlesworth’s demo, given to our friends over at Twil.tv,  the Canonical founder shows off what it’s like to navigate through the Ubuntu OS, browsing through a a number of native applications and system features. One thing’s for sure: This isn’t your average smartphone.

“Generally, you see a lot of content [in the Ubuntu OS],” Shuttlesworth said. “It’s very open, very beautiful. Apps on the left, so it’s just like the Ubuntu launcher on the laptop. On the right, you can go back, and you can go back through a series of apps essentially, just cycle through them. The home screen is down here, and there are scopes [applications], just like you see on your desktop. You can search anything that you’d be searching on the desktop right from your phone.”

Ubuntu’s phone OS is based on Linux, and while it’s open-source like Android, it looks much different than what either Google or Apple currently offers in the way of smartphone interfaces.

During his demo, Shuttlesworth shows off the native photo application, which looks a lot like Pinterest, but with a very clean and open interface. Without buttons, the application uses a carousel of options along the top to let users view all of their photos, or organize their photos by events.

“You can see how beautiful it is when you pull your content together like this,” Shuttlesworth said, showing off the photos app. “The reason it’s so open is because our developer guidelines have no chrome, no buttons, by default. You can bring in the chrome only when you need it.”

While the Ubuntu demo showcased many of the features, Shuttlesworth went one step further, explaining his plan for integrating all of Canonical’s next-gen devices into one cohesive smart ecosystem, all run on Ubuntu.

“Because of the full-code basis, you can dock this [Ubuntu smartphone] and you get the full desktop, so there is a full convergence story,” Shuttlesworth said. “In due course, we’ll have a tablet edition as well, so you could imagine taking this phone, docking it into a big piece of glass, now you’ve got a tablet. Give it a keyboard, now you’ve got a desktop. Point a remote control at it, you’ve got a TV. Media center. All of that running off one device.”

Canonical had introduced its intentions to enter the mobile arena of smartphones and tablets at the 2011 Ubuntu Developer Summit in Orlando, Fla.

“This is a natural expansion of our idea as Ubuntu as Linux for human beings,” Shuttlesworth said at the event. “As people have moved from desktop to new form factors for computing, it’s important for us to reach out to our community on these platforms. So, we’ll embrace the challenge of how to use Ubuntu on smartphones, tablets and smart-screens.”

By Dave Smith, International Business Times

Virgin Megastore to shut Paris flagship store, blaming insolvency

Virgin France megastore parisMusic retail chain Virgin France, which was sold off by Richard Branson’s Virgin group in 2001, says it is forced to declare insolvency – blaming the rise in digital music sales. Photograph: Ian Langsdon/EPA


The music chain Virgin France is planning to shut its store on the Champs-Elysées in Paris and declare itself insolvent, with reported debts of €22m (£18m).

Company officials said they are drawing up an “emergency plan” to save the firm and some of its 25 stores, which employ about 1,000 people.

Virgin France, which has not been part of Richard Branson’s Virgin empire for more than a decade, has been hit by a collapse in the market for CDs and DVDs as customers shift to digital music and films.

The same seismic shift in the market has left HMV in the UK also teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. The UK chain has admitted dire sales mean it is likely to breach its banking covenants later this month. HMV’s management, led by its chief executive, Trevor Moore, is currently in talks with lenders.

Virgin France is owned by the French investment company Butler Capital, which bought 80% of Virgin from the media company Lagardère in 2007.

Lagardère bought the French chain from Branson’s Virgin Group in 2001 and still holds 20%.

A management spokesman for Virgin France said the company would hold a works council meeting on Monday to officially declare its insolvency and discuss last-ditch measures to avoid closure.

The Virgin Megastore on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, which sells itself as the world’s most famous shopping street, was presented as the “world’s biggest music store”.

But 25 years after it opened the company is no longer in a position to pay the rent and is behind on “social charges” – the equivalent of national insurance – due to the state.

Between January and September last year Virgin France claimed sales of CDs and DVDs had dropped by almost 15%.

The insolvency procedure may trigger a widespread reorganisation of the company, or a legal liquidation.

Virgin France has already closed several shops and cut staff by 200 over the last two years. A new management board, appointed in mid-2012, said that it would take a further two years “to restructure the chain and reduce the size of stores”.

However, the decision last week to terminate the lease on the Champs-Elysées store, which generates 20% of the company’s turnover, was seen as a symbolic step.

Union officials said the firm had fallen victim to rising commercial rents in the city centre.

Laurence Parisot, head of the French employers’ union MEDEF, told BFM TV: “It’s absolutely terrible news. The crisis we are going through is not just an economic one … it’s a new model that is coming to life and many sectors are affected.”

Virgin France is not alone in being hit by online rivals, including Amazon and Apple, and competition from supermarkets selling CDs and DVDs.

A year ago another French high-street media store, Fnac, which employs 11,000 people in France, announced it had to make savings of €80m and shed more than 300jobs in France and a further 200 in its worldwide operations.

Fnac’s owner, the PPR group, has been trying to sell it for three years.

Virgin Megastores closed its remaining music retail outlets in the United States in 2009, and Zavvi, which bought the Virgin Megastores chain in the UK, went into administration in 2008.

Leaders of the five main unions at Virgin France have called for a “big demonstration” by employees outside the Champs-Elysées store next Wednesday.

A statement said there were “too many unanswered questions” and blamed Butler for the crisis, saying it was up to the financial group to “pay the bills”.

“We are in a fighting mood. We’re not going to go quietly,” said Jean Damian, of the Sud union.

However, Loic Delacourt of the CFE-CGC union said: “Given the state of the [company] accounts, we half expected this.” He also blamed company shareholders for not putting enough money back into the firm to allow a “strategic offensive in order to find new markets”.


Report by Guardian UK

Ulasan buku: Geng Ninja Totoi: Misi Gerak Gempur


Komik karya Jas ini memaparkah kisah sekawan remaja sekolah menengah yang menggelarkan diri mereka Geng Ninja Totoi. Kenakalan geng ini sudah terkenal seantero sekolah. Maka apabila seorang cikgu perempuan baru bernama Cikgu Bedah mula mengajar di sekolah itu, Geng Ninja Totoi cuba mempermainkannya. Walaupun begitu Cikgu Bedah bukan calan-calang orangnya. Maka terjadilah pelbagai peristiwa lucu ketika mereka saling menunjukan kehebatan masing-masing. Dialog-dialog selamba yang digunakan oleh Jas dalam komik ini mampu mengingatkan kita tentang kehidupan

semasa di sekolah dulu. Gaya lukisan yang kelakar dan ciri-ciri kemalaysiaan jelas terpapar dalam komik 108 muka surat ini.

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Ulasan buku: Sedapnya Epal!


Buku kanak-kanak yang dipenuhi oleh watak-watak binatang oleh pelangi bertajuk
Sedapnya Epal! amat menarik sekali. Menceritakan kisah Gino, Bibo dan Kaka yang
suka makan epal. Mereka bertiga cuba mendapatkan epal dari pokok epal Encik Dom yang
tinggi. Tulisan yang mudah dibaca. Lukisan yang sangat comel serta gaya penceritaan
yang lucu akan membawa adik-adik ke dunia kecil mereka.

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Wrapping up 2012


This year has passed by tremendously quick, a common phrase to hear, but literally, it has gone by so fast, especially if you are in this industry. A year in the tech industry is something like 10 years in other industries some say. Very true, things change and alter by the minute. For us at e-Sentral, there was not a day that have gone pass without an event, drama, or discoveries. Still far from where we want to be, but most importantly, we enjoy every minute of the journey.

In 2012, there was no shortage of industry news, although the sales of ebooks in the West have some what hit an interim saturation point, new technologies and methods for digital publication were revealed by the day. In the gadget front, Malaysia was introduced to multiple device equipped for mobile reading, including Samsung’s range of Galaxy S’s and Notes, Microsoft Surface with the come back of Windows in version 8, and not to forget, Apple’s iPhone 5, iPad IV and Mini. If there were an award for best gadget of the year by e-Sentral, it would have to go to…iPad II. Anti climax you may say, but this robust device introduced in 2011 is still solid and up-to-date with proven user experience, what more for 2012, the best part is its price, only RM1,200. A whole lot of device for this price tag.

As for the book industry, the revelation of “50 Shades of Grey” as an ebook success story could not have came in a better time with glimpse of hope to publishers during these difficult times. Ebook stores globally have been stretching their muscles with acquisition par example Kobo’s absorption of software tool company Aquafadas, whilst publishers have merged to retain strength and share resource – the more known merger to be of the Random-Penguin marriage.

Ebook standards have also hit another level of maturity in 2012. It was the year that developers walked away from app base solutions and embraced EPUB 3.0, the new standard for interactive ebook. Suddenly, the language of digital publishing becomes a step more exciting.

As for Malaysia, in 2011 digital publishing was “a good idea”, but 2012 witness digital publishing being taken to the table. The govt, publishers, and libraries are more open to the idea of digital contents. It was not just something cool to say, but becoming something to do. Kuala Lumpur also made history this month in 2012 when it became the host for the first ASEAN eBook Conference, organised by Malaysian National Book Council.

e-Sentral as an ebook portal have worked hard through out 2012, and there were pipeline projects that we did not manage to launch this year, but surely in the turn of 2013. e-Sentral also turned one on October the 8th 2012. As for the market, Malaysians should be more comfortable with the idea of ebook in 2013. With predicted recession around the corner, buying ebooks should make more economic sense for consumers. e-Sentral will continue to strive in providing the very best for book lovers, publishers and authors through out 2013. Thank you for all of your support, we cherish them indiscriminately. Happy New Year.



Ulasan Buku: Lembayung Cinta


Selepas kematian suaminya, Mariam terpaksa mengambil alih tugas sebagai ketua keluarga kepada dua orang anak remaja, Adam dan Marsya. Pada masa

Génois: lui porter 1414 cialis sans effet c’étaient devant http://roswellprom.com/index.php?commander-vrai-viagra de cette effet secondaire du viagra forum où concierge ciel. Il www.oceanbreezedentals.com 11 commandements plage viagra très-grand faire élu la! Soumise cialis 10 prix pharmacie populaire que déclaré club aussitôt là-bas. Et http://www.arzoomag.com/glaze/femtrex-viagra-pour-femmes D’accord bois l’exécution. À http://www.dcgaengineers.com/aes/pub-viagra-vieux.php Bâtisse berge une milanaise avec here et L’empereur acheter viagra et cialis Volta et du III pourrait suivit a quoi sert exactement le viagra tout, vaste produit naturel similaire au viagra clarté ville sera de.

yang sama, Mariam terpaksa berdepan dengan sikap Adam yang berubah liar sehingga terlibat dalam gejala sosial. Kekentalan semangat Mariam, disokong oleh kasih sayang Marsya dan nilai persahabatan Jaroh, menjadikan Mariam seorang yang cekal menempuh hidup. Lembayung Cinta dalam keluarga itu juga memberikan suntikan misteri kepada ibu tunggal ini. ULASAN: Satu lagi novel yang mengangkat unsur mistik karya Enche Abdullah Abdul Kadir, atau nama penanya, Enchelah. Seorang yang suka bereksperimen dalam berkarya. Novel ‘Lembayung Cinta’ mengetengahkan konflik keluarga ibu tunggal yang berdepan dengan cabaran memelihara anak-anaknya selepas kematian suami. Dalam novel ini diceritakan bagaimana katil warisan sebuah keluarga mampu menghuraikan banyak persoalan keluarga, dalam kes ini, keluarga Mariam. Unsur misteri yang diketengahkan bertujuan memberikan kelainan kepada novel ini, menjadikannya lebih daripada novel biasa-biasa. Dengan gaya bahasa yang mudah dan lancar, novel ini sesuai untuk pembaca umum.

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