Apple exec John Couch meets with Turkish president over possible $4.5B iPad buy

Apple’s Vice President of Education John Couch on Friday sat down with Turkish President Abdullah Gül in a meeting covering a possible education initiative worth $4.5 billion, as well as the incorrect layout of the Turkish “F-keyboard.”

According to Turkish blog Ima Dergisi, Couch was joined by other Apple executives in his meeting with President Gül, which reportedly focused on an educational initiative to put up to 15 million iPads in the hands of Turkey’s young students.

Worth some $4.5 billion, the tablet program has Apple pushing for a contract, but a deal has yet to be reached as the parties negotiate further. While not the main topic of discussion, the layout of the Turkish “F-keyboard,” which has a number of keys set in the wrong position, was also mentioned.

Most recently, Turkey was introduced to the iPhone 5 on Dec. 14, less than two weeks after Apple launched the iTunes Music Store in the region as part of a 56-country rollout.



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e-Sentral diberi penghargaan daripada PNM

Pada 31hb January 2013, sempena pelancaran Pesta Buku 1 Malaysia di PWTC, eSentral telah diberi pengiktirafan dan penghargaan oleh Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia (PNM) untuk usaha mendirikan pangkalan eBuku untuk Malaysia. PNM telah menyampaikan penghargaan sebagai terima kasih daripada kementerian dan kerajaan atas memajukan industri perbukuan khususnya eBuku. Penyampaian penghargaan yang telah disampaikan oleh YB Dato’Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim, Menteri  Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan, telah diterima oleh Puan Zafirah Hanoum, Pengurus Kandungan merangkap wakil eSentral. Dalam majlis tersebut, eSentral telah digambarkan sebagai entiti yang telah memberi landasan kepada penerbit-penerbit tempatan untuk mempelopori bidang industri eBuku. Terima kasih kepada PNM atas penghargaan ini, kami sangat terharu.



photo (3)

Permulaan tahun 2013 telah bermula dengan semangat tinggi di e-Sentral dengan pelancaran majalah digital interaktif berbentuk sumber awam (crowd sourcing). Majalah yang diterbit dan dipakej secara digital ini telah dibangunkan oleh penerbit KarnaDya Solutions Sdn Bhd, dimana kandungan dan artikelnya telah disumbangkan oleh penulis awam dan blogger terpilih. Untuk edisi pertama, majalah digital Bahasa Melayu yang diberi nama Life is Beautiful (LIB) ini boleh diperoleh secara percuma di portal eBuku e-Sentral. Majalah digital Life is Beautiful adalah berkonsep gaya hidup wanita muslimah moden.

Antara ciri-ciri istimewa Life is Beautiful adalah kandungan yang boleh mendapat suapan informasi daripada Internet, bacaan interaktif, dan format EPUB yang ringan untuk pengguna peranti mudah alih. Pembinaan majalah digital ini telah menggunakan teknologi HTML5 dan EPUB3.0 untuk menjadikan kandungan interaktif lebih ringan untuk kemudahan muat turun pengguna, dan juga keserasian dengan semua jenis sistem operasi. Pada edisi pertama ini, kandungan interaktif disediakan untuk pengguna-pengguna iPad dan iPhone.

Pengguna boleh mendapatkan majalah digital Life is Beautiful daripada mulai hari 31hb January 2013. Majalah digital ini dijangka akan mengubah paradigma pembacaan digital serta kaedah pengeluaran majalah di Malaysia. Khalayak ramai boleh dapatkan majalah percuma ini di


Entry of BlackBerry 10

January 30th has been circled on our calendars for quite some time. It’s the day that Research in Motion (now known as BlackBerry) officially pulled the curtains away from its next-gen BlackBerry OS — aka BB 10 — revealing all of its secrets to the world after no less than 15 months of development. Don’t underestimate the importance of this move; this is just the beginning of BlackBerry’s battle to remain relevant in the mobile industry. Now that BlackBerry 10 devices are ready to spend time in the public eye, what does our editorial staff think about the products — as well as BlackBerry’s future? Engadget sounds off about BlackBerry 10 after the break.

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eSentral to prepare ebook packages for BB1M

The disbursement of BB1M (Baucer Buku 1 Malaysia) will begin end of this month starting with govt base universities and then private collages. For the first time too, BB1M in the year 2013 can also be purchased for ebooks. eSentral has prepared an initiative with publishers to prepare ebook packages to make available ebooks available for higher learning students to purchase ebooks using the vouchers very soon.

Along with this campaign, students with BB1M vouchers could also purchase coupons for ebooks in eSentral via publishers and agents at respective book fairs all around Malaysia.


Major Dutch Publisher abandons DRM


De Arbeiderspers/A W Bruna, the largest publisher in the Netherlands, has removed DRM from its e-books for the first time.

All of the publisher’s e-books, aside from those sold via the iBooks store, will be sold with a watermark attached rather than any DRM system.

Without Adobe DRM attached, customers will be able to download their e-books on to any device, including phones, tablets and dedicated e-readers. People will also be able to share books.

The watermark will mean that any copies of the book which are spread online can be traced back to the original source.

De Arbeiderspers/A W Bruna currently has 1,200 e-books available, and plans to digitise more of its backlist in 2013.

Paul Auster, Michel Houllebecq, Frederick Forsyth and Ian Fleming are among the authors with e-books on the publisher’s lists.

C.e.o. Joop Boezeman said: “Digital or paper books, we are proud of the story that is told within the book. This means that the digital form should also be an attractive offering. With watermarking, we are one more step in the right direction.”


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