When Mainstream Becomes Fake, and Fake Becomes Mainstream

By Faiz Al-Shahab


The Game of Thrones season finale craze have brought about once again the smoking corner small talk over the similarities of the Malaysian 14th General Election with the HBO sensational series.

In this fantasy drama that is a closet political science case study journal, the uncanny resemblance – of rivalry and hatred between Malaysian then opposition parties in GE-14 and the ruling families portrayed in the series whereby everyone had to put aside their differences in the name of survival and to defeat the army of the dead – is pretty obvious.

Except today…there will always be an “except” for Malaysia…the army of dead is far from dead, and the ruling families are at each other’s throats again, with hardly any reform put through.

Besides economy and education, some of the issues the mass were most upset about, such as the police system, judiciary system and the civil service, are still left as it is.

Perhaps challenging these orders will cause too much commotion in this rather peaceful country, hence easier to let it be.

However, one component of the country’s system which should already by now have gone through an overhaul, is the media.

One would think that the media is not as “invincible” as the ones mentioned above, but turns and twists in the country have left the media to still maintain status quo.

The funny part to all this is that journalism, just like engineering, architecture, and discipline of medicine, pillars on integrity and professionalism.

Well, one can argue that law and accounting are also one of those professional career that stands on good values, but look at them, turn your head away and many will indulge in crime and corruption.

I guess professional integrity in this context is a weak argument after all.

Media in this country, despite of a liberal environment now in Malaysia, remains despicable.

Reasons to why there are so much fabricated news and civilians taking matters in to their hands in spreading none curated news is simply because the mainstream media are nothing more than just prostitutes to corporations and politicians.

For instance, there are not many work of investigative journalism taking place.

The Education Minister rant for two hours on plans and policies, and yet the media chose to pick up a petty issue regarding black or white school shoes and turn it to a debate which wasted everyone’s time.

The Prime Minister spoke for half hour on what the nation need to do to bring it back on the right track heading towards Fourth Industrial Revolution and the media picked up on his statement over so much money is spent on killing people.

It was a pact deliberated by the media, because all of them came up with the same headline, despite of no official press statement on the comment.

Usually, most media agencies will bow down to invites of VIPs and will rather swamp a media conference for official statements rather than seeking the truth.

To some extent the perception above is very unfair.

Some media friends have express their guilt and dissatisfaction of forced involvement in orchestrating news, but it is a small trade off to having their families being followed and harassed.

And so because of safety we leave politics alone, and look at commercial products instead.

Disappointingly, similar resentment in commerce too as the media will remain loyal to the brand owners who feeds them with advertising money.

Pathetically, in many cases too, media will praise and hide all defects of a product with the thinking that the corporation behind the product will eventually become their advertiser.

In all of this, whilst the so called professionals are busy trying to make money at any cost, whilst the law and judiciary system sympathizes corporations, the losers remain to be the Malaysian public.

This is mainly due to the notion that effects of partial truth in information and news is not as severe as signing off a poorly designed bridge or multi-story building.

Whilst the foresight is that misleading information will only cause loss of money to the mass fools, a collapsed bridge signed off by a dodgy engineer can cause deaths.

What was not taught in school is that partial truth can also cause death of lives.

So anyway, what is needed from Malaysian media?

The citizens is in dire need of investigative journalism, meaning more questions and digging.

This may not be welcoming by many, but it is the only way that voice of integrity can be restored again in this country.

So much so that the downfall of previous ruling party was the work of a foreign journalist, whilst for years, the local journalists witness all the buffoonery yet kept their mouth shut.

The media should do their bit, and grow more guts!

Commercial product whom have benefited from rogue media will continue bluffing the public, and public will continue falling into the traps, until one day, the trust is completely destroyed.

That day, advertisements and social media will not work anymore.

Perhaps there is a sneaky suspicion that our media does not understand the subject matter that they are reporting.

Therefore they will report only on parts that they understand, which at the end of it, is missing the point completely.

Malaysia need cleverer and smarter people, reporters included.

What the country can opt for is probably a platform for community journalism.

This platform, where the reporters are members of the public graded by public rating, hopefully will bring news that are more related to us, news which can reveal the hidden truth, and news that are valuable and trustworthy and free from commercial bribery.

With time, we shall wait and see if this can reduce the fake news movement in the country.

Meantime, Ramadhan Kareem everyone.


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Kerana Kau Isteriku oleh Nuriarina


Dek dikejar oleh konco-konco kelab malam kerana dipaksa melayani lelaki, akhirnya WIDAD berjaya melarikan diri dan diselamatkan oleh AIDIL. Rentetan itu, satu permasalahan yang tak disangka telah dihadapi oleh si lelaki yang sudahpun beristeri ini. “Hei, siapa cakap aku setuju nak kahwin dengan dia?” – AIDIL “Kau setuju ke tak setuju ke, kau kena setuju juga. Kalau kau tak setuju sekali pun aku akan heret kau untuk setuju juga!” – ZAFRUL Aidil yang terpaksa mengahwini Widad telah mengambil keputusan untuk merahsiakan perkahwinan kedua yang telah dipaksa oleh ZAFRUL. Semuanya untuk menyelamatkan si gadis daripada terus menjadi buruan konco-konco jahat kelab malam yang sebenarnya didalangi oleh ALIAS! Dalam keterpaksaan setelah bergelar suami dan isteri, layanan buruk telah diterima daripada si suami. Widad dituduh sengaja memerangkap Aidil. Biarpun begitu, hubungan mereka tetap berjalan seperti biasa sehinggalah berlaku satu kehendak takdir yang membuatkan kemesraan mereka sebagai pasangan suami dan isteri jadi semakin intim. Apakah peristiwa yang berlaku itu? Tahukah isteri pertama Aidil tentang perkahwinan kedua suaminya? Siapa isteri pertamanya? Siapakah Zafrul dan Alias dalam hidup mereka? “Dia hanya isteri aku di atas kertas sahaja. Dan aku tak pernah anggap dia sebagai isteri aku.” – AIDIL Apakah cinta terus tiada dalam hati Aidil buat Widad? Temui jawapannya dalam Kerana Kau Isteriku karya sulung tulisan Nuriarina ini.

Kerana Kau Isteriku karya sulung tulisan Nuriarina menceritakan kisah hidup berpoligami. Watak Yana yang matang dan menerima dirinya dimadukan, watak Aidil yang penuh tanggungjawab dan watak Widad menjadi isteri kedua. Novel ini mempunyai jalan cerita yang cepat dan tidak meleret namun tidak terlalu berat. Sesuai untuk bacaan santai. Aidil menikahi Widad atas dasar terpaksa mulanya sangat dingin terhadap Widad kerana Aidil telah pun berkahwin dengan Yana dan mempunyai anak bersama. Walaupun Yana redha dengan ketentuan hidupnya untuk bermadu, kadang kala keluar juga sifat cemburu sebagai isteri pertama. Bagi Widad pula, dia sedar dirinya merampas dan menumpang kasih, tetapi dia juga mempunyai sifat yang tamak dan ingin dirinya diutamakan oleh Aidil berbanding Yana. Namun masalah mereka selesaikan oleh kedua-dua madu.  Watak Aidil adalah sifat tegas, bertanggungjawab dan cuba untuk bersikap adil. Seringkali kita disajikan dengan nasib diri isteri pertama dan munculnya pelbagai penderitaan bila berpoligami. Namun untuk kisah ini, kita dihidangkan pula cerita dari kaca mata isteri kedua dan hidup mereka bahagia apabila wujudnya keredhaan dan saling bertolak ansur walau permulaannya menjadi yang kedua sangat perit. 


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Hero Jelita oleh Aein Dhiyauddin


“BABE… Kau rasa lelaki tu lelaki ke perempuan?”

Aaira alihkan mata ke arah tempat yang ditunjuk oleh Isya. Tadi dia melihat sekilas wajah itu. Sekarang dia perhatikan lebih teliti. Lama matanya melekat ke wajah itu. Cantik, desis Aaira. Dia merasakan lelaki itu lebih cantik daripada perempuan. Seperti dia pernah melihat wajah itu.

Dengan bibir merah bak delima, berkulit putih mulus, muka bujur sirih, memiliki sepasang mata yang comel… Langsung tiada cacat cela di wajah lelaki itu. Sebiji jerawat pun tiada. Mata Aaira turun ke bawah sedikit. Lelaki itu sedang menaip sesuatu di skrin telefon. Dia perasan jarijemari lelaki itu runcing dan cantik. Persis perempuan.

“Lawa gilalah. Kalah kita perempuan ni. Dengan aku macam langit dengan bumi. Macam siang dan malam.” Aaira tidak teragak-agak untuk memuji.

“Lelaki ke perempuan eh? Handsome gila,” tanya Isya lagi. Matanya memerhatikan lelaki cantik itu. Sebijik macam pelakon Korea. Hatinya terus mencair. Buat seketika dia lupa tunangnya.

“Pakai kemeja kan… Lelakilah…” Aaira sudah nampak aura gedik Isya. Pantang tengok lelaki ala-ala Korea. Mulalah nak cair. Lupa agaknya diri tu dah bertunang.

“Dia lipat lengan kemeja sampai siku. Seksi gila.” Mata Isya terang benderang. Teruja melihat perlakuan lelaki itu.

“Jaga sikit mata tu. Ingat tunang kau.” Spontan Aaira menjentik dahi Isya. Tidak beradab sopan langsung.

“Lelaki lawa tu datang dengan lelaki. Gay kut dia ni.” Aaira toleh sekali lagi. Baru dia perasan lelaki yang duduk berhadapan dengan lelaki cantik tadi.


“Gay. Lelaki bercinta dengan lelaki. Kau tau kan spesies tu?”

Isya kerut dahi. Kurang faham.

“Kau tak nampak pakwe dia pun boleh tahan sado. Nampak ketul kat lengan dia. Dari sipi-sipi ni pun aku tau dia tu handsome. Kenalah tu lawa dan handsome.” Aaira sengaja membakar hati Isya.

“Tak caya…”

Aaira mahu mejawab lebih panjang tapi terganggu dek kehadiran seorang lelaki tampan duduk di meja sebelah mereka. Berkulit sawo matang. Menariknya lelaki itu memakai cermin mata. Kalau yang ini memang sah lelaki. Aaira hadiahkan senyuman buat lelaki itu namun tidak berbalas. Lelaki itu hanya pandang dia sekilas. Sudah dia jangka lelaki itu pasti menyampah melihat muka dia.

“Kau ni tak baik tuduh dia gay.”

“Kau tak caya cakap aku, tengok baik-baik guna mata akal. Sorang lawa seorang handsome, sado. Tengoklah elok-elok.” Aaira geram dengan lelaki di meja sebelah mereka. Sombong. Senyum pun kedekut.

Lelaki itu ada ciri-ciri jejaka idamannya. Mereka berdua sesuai bersama. Warna kulit pun lebih kurang sama. Sama-sama berkulit hitam manis. Berbanding dengan lelaki di sebelah sana. Mempunyai kejelitaan yang membuatkan dia cemburu. Dua orang lelaki yang berbeza tapi sama-sama beku. Secebis senyuman bukan perlukan beribu otot bekerja keras.

“Lawa tak semestinya gay.”

“Tengok Isya… Tengok betul-betul. Lawa dan sado… Jawapannya… kau cari sendiri.” Aaira silangkan tangan di dada. Kemudian pelayan sampai membawa rojak dan cendol. Tanpa melengahkan masa Aaira terus makan. Tiada faedahnya asyik bercakap tentang lelaki cantik itu. Dia biarkan Isya yang masih leka memandang.

“Kau ni jagalah pandangan. Dengan gay pun nak jatuh hati. Makanlah cepat.”

“Dia bukan gaylah.” Isya geram. Dia menarik mangkuk berisi cendol. Sambil dia makan, matanya nakal memandang lelaki itu.

“Kau pandang dia, dia ada senyum kat kau tak? Ada tunjuk muka baik dia? Dia senyum kat lelaki tu aje. Takkan kau tak nampak? Jangan butakan mata. Sah gay.” Geram dengan mamat di sebelahnya yang masih lagi muka beku walaupun sudah tiga kali dia hadiahkan senyuman. Sengaja lepaskan marahnya. Tetapi pada orang yang salah.

“Kau ni. Kalau dia lelaki tulen, malu kau nanti.” Isya kurang selesa dengan kata-kata Aaira. Sesekali dia menjeling lelaki itu. Lelaki itu kelihatan sibuk dengan telefon dan sesekali tersenyum ke arah kawannya. Meremang tengkuknya memikirkan kata-kata Aaira.

“Kecantikan dia ni boleh mengundang pergaduhan gay-gay seluruh Malaysia. Jambu amat ni mesti jadi rebutan. Sah gay.”

“Yakin sangat ke?” soal Isya. sejak tadi Aaira tuduh lelaki cantik itu gay.

“Tak baik buruk sangka tau. Dia comellah. Kalau aku tak ada tunang pasti aku cuba ngorat dia,” tambah Isya lagi. Kurang senang dengan prasangka Aaira. Suka sangat fikir benda negatif.

“Confirm gaylah. Gay aje suka jaga muka sebab nak pancing lelaki lain. Macam perempuan yang cantik-cantik nak pancing lelaki handsome. Kau jangan libatkan diri dengan gay macam dia.”

Isya tergeleng mendengar kata-kata Aaira. Mesti kes cemburu dan sakit hati. Cemburu dengan kecantikan lelaki itu sekaligus balas dendam sakit hati pada Eryna. Harap-harap lelaki itu tidak dengar perbualan mereka berdua.

Aaira sambung perhatikan lelaki itu. Kalaulah dia boleh minta sedikit kecantikan lelaki itu kan bagus. Sangat kontra dengan dia yang berkulit gelap. Matanya silih berganti memandang lelaki itu dan tangan sendiri.

“Rihanna tu kulit gelap, cantik aje aku tengok.” Isya menegur Aaira. Dah mulalah tu rasa rendah diri.

Aaira senyum tipis. Isya sentiasa tahu apa yang dia fikirkan.

“Rihanna kaya raya. Tak ada siapa nak kutuk.”

“Kau tu aje yang rendah diri sangat. Semua manusia diciptakan cantik dan sempurna oleh Allah. Manusia aje yang suka banding-banding. Kecantikan sebenar dari hati. Hati yang suci bersih buatkan wajah kita berseri-seri. Jodoh kau belum sampai lagi. Bukan sebab kau tak cantik.” Panjang lebar Isya bersyarah. Geram sangat dengan Aaira. Apabila lihat perempuan cantik mulalah rasa rendah diri. Sekarang di depan lelaki cantik pun nak rendah diri.

Mata Aaira masih lagi menghala ke arah lelaki berkulit putih itu. Entah kenapa saat dia menoleh, lelaki itu angkat muka dan hadiahkan senyuman. Aaira alihkan pandangannya. Senyuman lelaki itu macam Ji Chang Wook. Bahaya untuk hatinya.

“Kalaulah dia jadi suami aku… makan hati ulam jantunglah aku. Stres tengok muka cantik dia,” luah Aaira. Dia berharap agar tiada lagi pertemuan mereka selepas ini. Terjumpa kali pertama dah sakit hati. Kalau terjumpa kali kedua sah dia akan murung.

“Aku doakan kau bertemu jodoh dengan dia. Biar murung hari-hari.” Isya sengaja mengusik Aaira.

“Lelaki macam dia tu memang tak naklah. Kahwin free pun aku tak nak.” Aaira ketawa. Jauh sangat pemikiran Isya. Lelaki itu pasti sama seperti lelaki lain. Takkanlah lelaki itu pilih pasangan seperti dia. Memang tak padan.

“Jomlah. Nanti lambat kita masuk kerja.” Isya terlebih dahulu bangun dan diikuti oleh Aaira. Mereka berdua beriringan keluar dari restoran.

Tidak lama selepas mereka keluar, lelaki yang duduk di meja sebelah mereka bangun dan menuju ke meja lelaki cantik tadi.

“Kenapa kau duduk meja sana tadi?” soal Aryan. Matanya mengekori kelibat dua orang gadis yang duduk di sebelah meja Thoriq tadi.


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Made in Malaysia: A Prejudice in Disguise

A technopreneur’s point of view written from the heart by: Faiz Al-Shahab


Over the years Malaysian government have spent millions if not billions of Ringgit to cultivate local science and technology.

In that journey, many agencies, boutique investment banks, loans, investment arms, tax exemptions, subsidies, reliefs and grants were prepared to encourage development of new local ideas as well as strengthening already existing technologies among big and small companies domestically.

No doubt that along the way, there had been many rogue parties that took advantage of these privileges, but it is also undeniable that many more parties took these perks seriously in their pursuits.

The grandeur of this idea at a national level is flawless.

Local products ensures money does not flow out of the country when unnecessary, resulting in less imports and perhaps a better chance to export.

Without trying to praise the old man too much, Tun Mahathir during his younger days as the Prime Minister understood this very well.

He steered Malaysia towards venturing into many heavy industries, namely automotive, construction and even oil and gas.

Not all were successful or had happy endings, but the idea of containing cash within the country was there.

As a business, even if the money falls to your domestic competitor, it will mean that the money has higher chance of being spent for the well-being of the local economy, employment, and taxation.

It will ensure a conducive environment to do business all around, and if the cash does not benefit your business immediately, it may do in the future as it is still floating locally.

This is the distinct difference between a visionary politician, and the rest, who just loves to hear themselves sing.

This is the story of how Malaysia have lost the plot along the way, perhaps with a little bit of help from those pop idol politicians.

To put it in simple terms, the qualms of Malaysian technopreneurs are similar, and having spoken to many peers along the years, it can be concluded that Malaysians, ourselves are not very proud or understanding when it comes to our own products. 

Inferiority or lack of comprehension of how things work allow many Malaysians to be jumpy and prejudice towards our fellow men.

Running a business, if compared to creating something new with not a mature market are completely different ball games.

Just to give a better horizon, creating a new market, along with educating the public and enterprises is always the silent elephant in the room when you don’t have massive funding.

Usually when you are small, and many of what you are developing are still not at its decency, it is harder for you to capture the imagination of many, including the investors, government and agencies.

You are typically being looked down upon when you are at a start up phase, and this is understandably normal.

Despite of these initial symptoms of prejudice, the early stage is always the easiest phase.

When you are on the growth phase, this is when problems start occurring.

Growth means the company becomes hungry, hungry for revenue.

Revenue seeking means meeting a lot of people, Malaysians rather.

When meeting government agencies for example, they will start comparing you to foreign technology of a similar field according to their understanding.

Similar attitude is received from the suit blazing city dwellers and corporations.

With these bunch of people, usually when comparisons are made, not only a far superior technology from abroad is usually compared with, they will also expect a miniscule of the foreign price tag since you are local.

They have no shame in saying that they have spent millions on a foreign technology, and will tell you straight to your face that they are not even willing to spend a hundred thousand with you for the same thing.

Bear in mind, most of the characters above will not survive for three days running their own business if they had to.

Government bodies in particular will be new to the technology that you provide, but they are usually interested as they see a realistic solution to their domestic problem.

The government bodies will be interested to learn from you, build the standards and specifications with you, but yet when comes to the crunch, you will still lose out in the tender process, weirdly enough, to companies that are not even a player in the field, but representing a foreign company that is.

Undoubtedly, the cost for tender or quotation is simply much higher.

At times, as the pioneer, you can prove that you are the only one that can provide the service in the country.

It should be an advantage as you are local and a sole provider, but even this can be turned to a punishment.

Being successful in your sphere as a Malaysian technopreneur will make the departments question on monopoly, or even suggest to not work with you since this can potentially make you big.

Again, one can say a similar treatment can be reflected with big corporations in Malaysia.

Once you are on a growth stage, the typical thing to happen is that the bigger boys will try to crush you as they may see a new local player to be of threat for the share of a new market.

What is unusual is that rather than trying to collaborate and work with a new emerging local player, Malaysian big corporations prefer to bring in a foreign player to compete with you.

Again, this is a prejudice in thinking that they can do better, or that local products is not good enough for them.

Contrary, this will not only lead to unnecessary competition in a still fragile new market locally, but as mentioned earlier, it will make money flow out of the country.

You can still argue that perhaps the occurrences above are nothing to do with local prejudice, but maybe elements of hidden corruption.

To make matters worse for any local technopreneurs out there, is the public sentiment itself.

For the following factor, corruption is definitely not in consideration.

Perhaps laced with long time stigma over low quality, Malaysians tend to think that local products are not good despite of being cheaper.

The bar level Malaysians put for local technologies are always against the giants of the West and Japan.

This is perfectly fine, if it is judged reasonably with common sense.

From the tech world perspective at least, no one seems to be bothered to understand the development required in making a good application, software, machine tool, etc.

Hence Malaysians blindly expect that an application of a Series-A Malaysian start-up should be equivalent of a multi billion corporation, if not they will simply put in their complains and customer support issues inside the rating commentary box to leave a permanent scar.

Whilst this is all advantageous and exciting for consumers, if misappropriated, it is used to go against the local ecosystem.

Why discriminatory? Because given the same scenario of frustration, a Malaysian is reluctant to place a smear in a commentary box of a foreign app, due to their own inferiority with the international world.

This could be caused by a simple fact that they are conscious about their written English, hence the lack of confidence to display their emotion in writing on an international platform.

Sometimes when we are in familiar environment, we feel that we have a better understanding of what is going on and are more vocal.

When we are in unknown territories, we have inferiority complex and will not show true colours in case if what we are saying can perhaps expose our own lack of comprehension.

At home soil, the public is less forgiving, even if it is their own stupidity to be the root cause, they are not ashamed to announce it.

This short coming in Malaysian mentality is an unnecessary hurdle for progress.

So from here, there is only two routes to the problem above in New Malaysia.

Either we abandoned all efforts and investments for local science and technology, or we buckle up and embrace it.

Embracing local products should not mean sacrifices or compromises.

If it does, then it defeats the purpose.

Embracing local technology means that the government, private sectors, and the public, should give initial support to provide a fair chance for the local product and technology to prosper, and perhaps later benefiting our society by providing lower costs for goods, employments, and a better public service due to taxation that is gained from these businesses.

It is not rocket science and it has been done before, search for Kempen Beli Buatan Malaysia.

It is also the emotion and self belief amongst the Malaysians that need to be restore.

Best thing to do is, before we do anything, look in the mirror and ask yourself, if you have done enough? And hope that you still have a conscious to react to it…

The other route will be just not to bother, and jump on the foreign band wagon when it arrives, if it ever arrives.

We can use American, Chinese and European goods and technologies, and still maintain satisfaction and happiness.

We can live a life with artificial intelligence, big data, block chain, and everything else the next industrial revolution promises, as long as it is not ours.

We can continue living a life of consuming and importing, and still be happy.

But remember that with all good times eventually will snow ball to very hard times, but why should we care?

Leave it for the future generation to figure it out, it is not a problem for us to worry about.

We should only focus at creating the problems for now.


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Artikel Bahasa Melayu

Perangkap Minda Arus Perdana

Dekad Baharu, Nekad Baharu


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When Mainstream Becomes Fake, and Fake Becomes Mainstream



Famili Tuan Ihsan by Sara Kyoko


“MACAM mana dia balik semalam?”

“Entahlah. Mahu makan berjam-jam jugak dia menunggu kereta. Rasanya, kawan dia yang jemput. Lelaki muda. Badan sedap-sedap. Bukan main lagi diaorang berpelukan tau.”

“Aik? Pulak? Bukan perempuan tu isteri Tan Sri Hasnan ke?” tanya Kak Maznah dengan suara naik seoktaf.

“Sepatutnyalah. Tapi, kalau memang dah jahat tu, apa nak dihairankan? Takkan korang tak dengar semalam apa yang dia cakap kat meja makan? Nasib baik aku masih sabar, kalau tak…”

“Kalau tak, apa?” tanya Haziq dengan nada mengejek. Tahu sangat dengan auta Yusri.

“Takde apa-apa sangatlah. Tuan kan ada kat situ. Takkan aku nak buat onar depan tuan? Haih! Kalau bukan tuan arahkan aku supaya tunggu, aku biarkan aje minah tu. Tak kisahlah kalau dia kena culik kat jalan sunyi tu. Apa barang aku yang kena tunggu perempuan tu, suami dia sendiri pun dah bagi dia telan asap BMW dia.” Tegas Yusri.

Tak seronok langsung apabila Tuan Ihsan arahkan dia untuk menunggu sampailah perempuan jahat itu selamat menaiki kenderaannya. Apabila Yusri beri tanda hendak protes, Tuan Ihsan dengan gaya machonya selamba berkata.

‘Kalau ada apa-apa berlaku kat dia, saya yang akan kena, Yusri. Sebab dia masih lagi berada di atas tanah milik saya. Faham?’
Terpaksalah Yusri akur. Faham sangat maksud Tuan Ihsan tu. Kalau perempuan jahat tu kena culik ke, rogol ke, bunuh ke, mestilah akan menjejaskan nama baik Tuan Ihsan. Ini kan tanahnya? Dan, kalau kedudukan Tuan Ihsan terjejas, apa jadi dengan diaorang semua? Pastilah terkena tempiasnya. Mahu tidak mahu, terpaksa juga Yusri menunggu sampailah perempuan tu berhambus.

“Aku dengar Farid kata, Tan Sri Hasnan dah ceraikan perempuan tu, betul ke?” tanya Haziq pula.

“Haah, Ziq. On the spot. Padan dengan muka dia. Kurang ajar sangat. Bayangkan ajelah apa perasaan tuan bila air mukanya dibuat main-mainan oleh perempuan tu. Tak reti nak hormat orang. Jangankan orang luar, dengan suami dia sendiri pun dia biadab.”

“Mujur ada Farid semalam, kan? Kalau tidak, perempuan tu dah selamat tangankan Ilyas. Aku tak berani nak fikir apa yang tuan akan buat kalau benda tu berlaku.”

“Betullah, Ziq. Aku kira lepas ni, habislah karier Tan Sri Hasnan. Aku dengar, Tan Sri tu dah banyak terhutang budi dengan tuan. Lepas apa yang berlaku, tak tahulah kalau tuan cukup berbesar hati untuk lupakan semuanya. Kalau aku, minta maaf banyak-banyaklah.”

“Berani betul perempuan tu angkat tangan kat Ilyas kesayangan aku. Kalau ikut hati, nak aje aku ajar muka perempuan tu. Nasib baik aku sibuk kat dapur,” marah Kak Maznah pula. Muka berkeriut menahan rasa. Memanglah Kak Maznah tu, sayang benar dekat Ilyas.

Seroja yang dari tadi cuma menjadi pemerhati, termenung memandang ke hadapan. Kenapa hatinya rasa tak sedap? Sejak subuh tadi, asyik berdebar-debar aje. Seroja menepuk-nepuk dada, dengan harapan, debaran halus menghilang begitu sahaja.

“Senak ke? Nak akak buatkan susu suam?” tanya Kak Maznah tiba-tiba, mematahkan lamunan Seroja.

Seroja menggelengkan kepala.

“Tak naklah kak. Hati orang rasa tak sedaplah kak. Kenapa agaknya, eh?”

“Pembawaan budak agaknya.” Sampuk Haziq.

“Takkanlah. Ini rasa lain macam. Bukan macam morning sickness, Abang Haziq.”

“Atau kau tak sedap hati sebab perasaan kau terbawa-bawa dengan kes semalam, kut? Marah tak habis dikeluarkan. Tu yang dada jadi bungkam tu.” Teka Yusri pula.

“Mungkinlah agaknya. Eh? Budak-budak dah siap ke kak?”

“Dah. Tuan cakap nak bawak jalan-jalan aje, bukan main happy semua. Akak pun terlebih happy. Tak pernah-pernah tuan ajak kita semua keluar beramai-ramai macam ni. Macam rombongan meminanglah pulak.” Seloroh Kak Maznah, sempat memeriksa gincu di bibirnya pada belakang buntut periuk steel yang berkilat serupa cermin.

“Pak cik rasa bersalah tu, kak. Sepatutnya, lepas aje makan malam semalam, pak cik nak buat gathering untuk kita-kita aje. Sempena mother’s day. Tapi, pasal si hidung serombong kapal tu, semua pun dah hilang mood. Tu yang dia nak gantikan dengan hari ni.”

“Sebenarnya, tuan tak perlu buat begini. Tapi, kalau dah terlanjur nak buat, bagus jugak. Hehehe…” ujar Yusri sambil menayang sengihnya.

“Patutlah beria-ia tuan suruh Logan telefon Hawa semalam, minta cuti untuk budak berlima tu, termasuk Hakeem dengan Shamil. Rupanya sebab nak bawak jalan-jalan.” Haziq ukir senyuman gembira. Rasa terharu sebenarnya.

Tuan Ihsan tidak lupa anak-anaknya. Hari jadi Hakeem pun disambut serentak dengan Iman, Iqram dan Ilyas semalam. Tuan Ihsan sebenarnya tidak perlu berbuat begitu. Dia cuma pekerja yang makan gaji. Tapi, Tuan Ihsan layan mereka semua seperti keluarga.

“Vi dengan Ratnah mana Abang Yus? Abang Haziq?”

“Ratnah nanti datang menyusul. Dia hantar Hareez kat rumah mentua abang dulu. Fathin mana? Semalam dia tak datang pun. Shafiq dan Tok Din pun tak jadi datang, kenapa?”

“Tok tak sihat semalam. Pak Su Shafiq tak nak tinggalkan tok sendiri. Tu yang diaorang tak jadi nak datang tu.” Jelas Seroja dengan suara yang perlahan.

“Vi pulak tak dapat nak ikutlah Seroja. Dah sarat sangat tu. Dia rehat kat rumah mak mentua abang. Kalau ikutkan hati, dia nak sangat lepak dengan kau. Tapi, abang takut dia terberanak kat atas jalan. Naya!”

Seroja mengangguk perlahan. Soalan tadi cuma salah satu untuk menutup gementar yang bertandang lagi. Kenapa ni? Ada apa yang tak baik nak berlaku ke? Atau ini semua perasaan aje? Dia jadi sangat-sangat terganggu, sehingga segala urusan untuk menyiapkan anak-anaknya diserahkan saja kepada Gia dan Mona bulat-bulat.

Mujur Tuan Ihsan tidak banyak tanya. Sangkanya, mungkin mood Seroja tidak bagus kerana pembawaan budak. Kalau tidak, jenuh juga nak bersoal jawab. Buat masa sekarang, dia malas hendak bercakap tentang perasaannya yang ganjil itu.

“Kau okey tak ni, Seroja? Blur semacam aje?” Yusri gawang kedua tangan di hadapan Seroja. Risau juga dia melihat muka Seroja yang monyok saja. Trauma pasal semalam ke? Takkanlah kut? Budak Ilyas tu okey aje. Takkan Seroja pulak yang trauma?

“Orang okey aje, Abang Yus.”

Kak Maznah, Haziq, dan Yusri saling bertukar pandangan. Apa kena dengan Seroja?

“Semua dah siap?” Berpasang-pasang mata tertumpu kepada Tuan Ihsan yang berdiri tegak, sambil mendukung kedua puterinya di pinggang kiri dan kanan. Kedua-duanya masih lagi dengan muka yang sedikit mamai dan masih mengantuk. Tak habis-habis belakang tangan menggosok kelopak mata.

Beberapa langkah di belakang, Iman, Iqram dan Ilyas datang menyusul dengan pakaian yang sedondon.

“Mommy! Dah siap?” jerit the triplets serentak.

“Dah.” Jawab Seroja perlahan.

“Yeah! Lets go!!!”

“Mana Ratnah dengan Hakeem?”

“Nanti Ratnah menyusul tuan.”

“Kenapa tak jemput saja Ratnah dengan Hakeem, Haziq? Bawak mana aje kereta kat luar tu. Jumpa kat restoran Dato’ Sayf. Saya dah buat tempahan untuk makan tengah hari kat sana. Logan dan Hawa pun akan tunggu kita di sana.”

“Baik, tuan.”

“Kita nak bawak kereta mana ni, tuan?”

“Bawak aje mana-mana, Yusri. Biarkan Gia dan Mona satu kereta dengan anak-anak saya. Kamu jaga mereka. Saya akan bawa kereta sendiri. Maznah nak ikut kereta mana? Dengan saya dan Seroja?”

“Err… takpelah, tuan. Biar tuan dengan puan berdua. Saya boleh naik kereta dengan anak-anak. Boleh tolong Gia dengan Mona.” Jawab Kak Maznah tersipu-sipu.

“Okey, jom baby.” Tuan Ihsan mengerutkan dahinya. Pelik dia melihat Seroja yang masih lagi termenung panjang. Morning sickness ke? Takkanlah. Dua kali Seroja mengandung, waktu morning sicknessnya hanya bermula pada bulan kedua kehamilan. Kalau bukan pasal morning sickness, pasal apa?

Mata memberikan isyarat kepada Gia dan Mona untuk mengambil Ibtisam dan Imtihal dari dukungannya. Bila semua orang sudah hilang dari pandangan, dan akhirnya cuma dia dengan Seroja yang tinggal, Tuan Ihsan mendekati Seroja.



Apa saja yang Seroja fikirkan sampaikan nama dipanggil pun tidak dengar?

“Baby…” Bahu Seroja disentuh perlahan.

“Hah???” Seroja tersentak.

Tuan Ihsan mengerutkan keningnya. Macam ada yang tak kena dengan isterinya itu. Dia perasan sejak solat subuh tadi, Seroja asyik termenung saja.

“Kenapa ni?”

Seroja cuma menggelengkan kepala.

“Rasa tak sedap badan.”

Tapak tangan Tuan Ihsan melebar ke atas dahi Seroja.

“Tak demam. You okey tak ni, baby? Nak jumpa doktor tak?”

“Tak perlu. Jomlah. Budak-budak dah excited tu. You should see muka Ilyas bila I kata kita nak bawak semua orang jalan-jalan hari ni. Over the moon!” cerita Seroja dengan nada dan wajah yang dibuat-buat ceria.

“Kalau you tak sihat, kita singgah ke klinik Doktor Hasnah, okey?”

“Tak perlu. Kita pergi sekarang, daddy. Jom!” Seroja berlalu, namun pergelangan tangannya dilelar oleh Tuan Ihsan. Seroja perhatikan tangannya.

“Ada sesuatu yang tak kena. I boleh rasakan. Kenapa? Apa dia yang mengganggu fikiran you?” lembut saja nada suara Tuan Ihsan bertanya. Seperti memujuk lagaknya.

Seroja mengeluh kecil. Tangan melingkar di pinggang, dan muka disembamkan ke dada Tuan Ihsan. Terasa tapak tangan Tuan Ihsan yang panas, mengusap-usap kepala dan belakangnya. Seroja memejamkan mata. Rasa selesa sangat. Buat seketika, dia lupa tentang perasaan yang tidak enak itu.

“Kenapa ni, hmm?”

“I tak tahu kenapa. Hati I rasa tak sedap sejak subuh tadi. You rasa kenapa, ya?”

“You masih terfikir pasal semalam, kut?”

“No. Ini bukan pasal semalam. I sangat-sangat pasti.”

“Habis tu?”

Seroja mendongakkan kepalanya. Matanya bertaut dengan mata Tuan Ihsan. “I fikir, kita batalkan sajalah rancangan hari ni, daddy. I betul-betul rasa tak sedap hati.”

“Batalkan? Kesian dengan anak-anak. Dah bersiap. Yang lain pun tinggal menunggu kita saja. Tak baik kecewakan orang, baby.” Pujuk Tuan Ihsan.


“I tell you what, kita jangan batalkan. But, kita boleh pendekkan masanya. Sekurang-kurangnya untuk kita dan anak-anak. Biarkan saja pembantu semua bercuti. Semalaman diaorang bekerja untuk makan malam semalam. Mesti penat. Lagipun, I nak diaorang tak rasa terkongkong sangat kat banglo ni.”

Seroja mengangguk kecil. Betul jugak. Bukan main merah gincu Kak Maznah. Kalau tak jadi jalan, kesian pulak. Sudahlah Kak Maznah berusaha satu pagi memujuk Chef Kahfi ikut serta, tapi ditolak.

Seroja koyak senyuman kecil.

“Hey! Is that a smile I see?” Tuan Ihsan mengetatkan lagi pelukannya. “Jadi, semua dah okey tak ni?” sambung Tuan Ihsan lagi. Kepala Seroja yang berbungkus tudung dicium berkali-kali.

“Selagi I ada you, semua yang tak okey pun boleh jadi okey, daddy.”

“Cheesy… but I like it.” Tuan Ihsan menundukkan sedikit kepalanya untuk menuntut bibir Seroja.

“Daddyyy! Mommyyy! Cepatlah. Iyas nak catch pokemon ni!” jerit Ilyas di muka pintu.

Seroja dengan Tuan Ihsan bertukar pandangan. Senyuman nipis terkoyak di mulut masing-masing.

“Baik kita keluar sekarang sebelum semua tentera kecil datang.”



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